Local news network mass collection it is better to do special features

recently gave the company a few new station with the purchase of the many Links, in the A5 forum also see a lot of bulk sale link friends, a closer look at the situation, there are a lot of batch Links under the banner of local news network. From the registered domain name, the release of information, relevance is still OK, the site is also included in the high, but that is almost no weight. In the search engine rankings are basically 0. Such a news network in order to sell links and do stand, I’m afraid the value of the purchase is not large. Why today think to write local news topic, because a friend is his area of Wuhan news network in the heart, is called the heart, in addition to good traffic and popularity, the monthly income is whizzing upwards, it is the envy ah.

1. local news network competition investigation, the Internet giant, the old station gathered

local news network, under observation, is generally a dominance of the situation, many Internet giants are snatching the cake. With large traffic triggered to do other, such as forums, group buying, advertising, business cooperation, etc., profitable model is very much. The most promising local news network to Tencent, through the QQ pop-up window to obtain traffic, and in the web user experience on foot. For example, many pop news links, click do not jump directly to a specific page, but to stay in the picture, the news column page column page, in order to obtain more and click Show, and the combination of the forum and blog articles recommend boutique. Small details added at least 4, 5 PV.

in addition to the national nature of the site, the local station is also very much. Take the Wuhan area, is divided into several categories: class gov website, such as the Yangtze river network, Hubei news network this kind of natural high weight, while the template program is inferior, but ugly, weighted support; old website: the sports network, the newspaper group, Wuhan radio and TV network, is the site of more than five years that included hundreds of thousands of local news station, there are times, such as Changjiang newspaper’s official website, there is strong support is an important source of news resources, news release, also by Baidu news source of love, belong to the local press in an important position.

2. webmaster how to do news network

competition intensity of everyone saw, then, how do webmasters do news network?. Very many stationmaster is used to collecting, the news network that thinks is to collect the content that collects through magnanimity originally. Now acquisition + pseudo original technology has been very mature, included quantity is not too big problem, serious hair some chain, also will have long tail flow. However, it is very difficult to achieve a good profit effect through the news network produced by the factory. You can ask yourself, now the collection station to do pop, click advertising, and how much profit space?.

as previously said, friends have given up the acquisition of the station, instead of using the content to realize the quality of the website

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