Master micro store four features help you play micro shop

today, the rapid development of mobile Internet, constantly changing times people enjoy the goods and services more portable, while the micro shop is with more powerful, attractive advantages will be a large number of entrepreneurs, businesses and products of the general consumer groups attracted to her face. At the same time, the emergence of micro stores also to some extent, the status of the traditional online shop poses a threat.

domestic e-commerce has developed to a mature stage, and while its heyday, micro shop is quietly rising, its development speed is very fast, has become the largest domestic mobile phone online shopping platform. The number of registered users of the micro store is more than 3 daily, which has been greatly sought after. So, what is the characteristics of the micro shop, even overnight so many people of all ages, to attract people’s attention and attention? The whole micro shop has four characteristics, namely the foie gras color, makes the micro shop quickly established a foothold in the era of electricity providers. (as shown in Figure 1)


features 1: no extra charge,

micro shop is a real free shop, you do not need to charge any registration fees, set up shop costs, is a poor even can afford to shop. If you have 2 of an entity store or Taobao store, you can open a shop of your own, and put your products on the micro shop. The O2O marketing model is also suitable for use in micro stores. In this way, you can also operate online and offline two stores, not only expand their sales, but also can be received throughout the WeChat user under the orders, then, afraid to do business? Users purchase products in the micro shop, if the use effect is very good, will certainly help publicity in the circle of friends, not only can free advertising for the micro shop, and tourists will spread through word of mouth way to Everfount up.

features 2: operation is extremely simple, easy to learn,

as long as a reference to "shop", many people subconsciously feel that opening a shop is a very cumbersome thing. In fact, open a "micro shop" is very simple, "gold ingot" is a micro shop artifact, can help users easily control the store. "Gold ingot" is a mobile phone software, it is an indispensable shop assistant for many micro shop owners, with free, convenient, efficient, rich, safe and so on. Micro shop owner can through the "gold ingot" and online communication with customers, easy management orders, commodity management, etc., these functions are to facilitate the management of the shop owner to open the store.

for the micro shop owner workers, even if the day is very busy, no time to pay attention to their own micro shop, can have a "gold" to understand the micro shop, such as: store business trends, sales situation, baby ranking etc.. For the micro shop customer, "gold" is a "member management" function, when the member again micro shop, micro shop as long as the use of "gold" to complete the discount, redeem, greatly.

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