How can become a new webmaster in the future

so-called webmaster refers to what? I’m not very understanding, maybe we want to stand of people should know a little bit. My view is that the webmaster is to manage a web site. There are many websites, including website management, website design, and so on. There are many more, so don’t say so much more.

do not have to say so many, I say, my webmaster up! I am a computer, what do not understand people. No, what’s the Three Musketeers?. None of them will work. It won’t work until now. In the 03 year, I started learning electronic brain and some basic operations, typing what. 04 years of learning CAD and POR/E mechanical drawings. I’ve known a friend in 05 years. He’s just started doing web work. He said he could make money online. I don’t really believe it, because I’m someone who doesn’t understand it. There was no telling.

after more than a year, his station a little better, and began to earn a little money. I still don’t believe it when he says he’s listening to me. Later, he said, "I haven’t done anything for more than a year, and I’m at home every day. What’s more, I’m not making a small profit on it.". I don’t believe him.

06 years, I want to learn a little movie station with him. I think it’s no use. Just go ahead. I chatted with him online every day, and he promised that I could do it with him. Now that he has promised, he will act. It was not long before I left the job and picked up my bag. I’m glad to see this friend. What hardware did I do on the first day? I remember there was not much money to sell the computer. My friend borrowed a computer from one of his friends and gave it to me. Ah, (like a good friend of mine, more good) second days, he said what space and domain name. We’ve been looking for it online, and we’ve done it hundreds of times.

third days, my friend wants to do what link, I don’t understand what, can’t help something. We can only promote the website. I’ve been doing this for almost half a month, and I feel nothing to do every day (because I don’t understand), and I feel bored and nothing is gained. A friend cannot keep you idle. Then I want to quit and find a job with a little pocket money. This is the first time I’ve ever stood. I’ve gone without resolution.

is here again in 08 years. Look at your bank card. You don’t have any money. This part-time job, nothing, just convenient, a little living expenses. Think of an entrepreneur or want to do it, but you can fake a what industry? Money, no money, drink a little wine, also thought that now my friends stand. He is much better than I am a migrant worker. He has more experience on the Internet and earns much more than he used to. Picking up the phone and talking to a friend, I said, "boss, can I go back?" he was a good friend and agreed. In this way, I bid farewell to two part-time jobs.

this year, more work, there are a few dollars, it is not much. I sold all the hardware and connected the cable at home. (I’m embarrassed to go to my friend’s house again, so put these things in

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