From vertical to integration explore the development trend of sharing websites

with the development of the Internet, sharing websites appear in the life of Internet users, and gradually occupy the focus of their online life. So what is the sharing website? I think that sharing website is the first resource that has a variety of value to users or documents or pictures or video or music or IT software and other resources; secondly sharing websites most prominently feature is interactive, and upload resources sharing and interaction, interactive resources, or the two has a real-time interaction; sharing website profit pattern mainly has two kinds: one is resources trafficking, two is the advertising advertising alliance.

is now sharing websites in China vertically. Here are a brief description of the types of shared web sites:

1, document sharing station,

speaking of document sharing site, will not speak to the CTC mode of operation of the Douding network. Douding allows users to upload including.Pdf,.Doc,.Ppt,.Txt, and dozens of format document file, and the Flash Player in the form of web page display directly to the readers. In short, the Youtube version of the document as douding. Douding network to achieve two-way interaction and sharing of the upload, grassroots obvious. But Douding has the advantages of simple operation, document copyright technology ahead of the industry.

2, photo sharing station,

famous photo sharing station mainly has POCO and the color panoramic network, Mowgli, these distinct characteristics: panoramic photography share station is a good platform for professional photographers, selling works of the rich flavor of life, POCO; Tu Vin Unionmaw; color film loudly based on interactive communication. Some people want to say, what’s the difference between picture sharing station and Baidu picture search? I think the difference should be in two-way interaction and digital works copyright.

3, design sharing website

station is a typical representative figure cool and intimate design material sharing sites, their target population clear, focused on the design of creative personnel. Here is the home of creative people. Designers can display their own works here, and also buy their own works. At the same time, they can exchange experience and experience with their peers.

4, video sharing station,

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, we often in some video sharing site, like and, Ku6 net and so on. On these sites, you can watch your favorite videos can also be downloaded to a computer store; can watch popular on both sides of the Changjiang River TV drama, can also see a variety of life style video users upload; can also own the video upload, can also see your messages, share the passions in life and you.

5, music sharing station,

Listen to

music, domestic music sharing site, provide rich music resources for music lovers, including pop music, classical music and original music, users can upload music can also be.

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