Female stationmaster do station experience do a website insist to insist

my site is 09 years in April, at that time I only know on the website, thanks to the help of her husband, I have a basic website, but her husband is a novice, and not how the Internet work is busy, I had to try. Because of the impact of the financial crisis, beauty salons have become increasingly difficult to do, network marketing is even more difficult to do, I have to work hard. Found A5 very accidental, and then need a statistical software, accidentally discovered, just here, feel excited, oh, are some of the webmaster, and gradually let me build the site more and more feel the hope.

my site is mainly sell cosmetics in Korea, the lack of time, after a series of investigation, temporary sales of thefaceshop, SKINFOOD, Chanzhen that several cosmetics. Because in the beauty salon for several years, and accumulated some popularity, still can have several single business. But the network marketing is different from the store, it is for the customer, and the local network is illusory, difficult customer psychology analysis, our experience, perhaps is not an old Taobao buyers. To make lots of mistakes, and made some mistakes. In the beginning of A5 do not know what is the intermediary, has been cheated out of money, learn from it. Now the station Google basic included normal, every day in update, Baidu only included the home page, but after communication, said is inspection period, I still full of expectations. Although the customer is not many, but I feel, the most important thing is to adhere to, my recent single business, that is, customers search me on the Internet, so as to buy. It’s easy to insist on updating, but in fact it’s difficult. Every day is very busy, and you need to update your website. I feel I can keep it up. I’m sure I can succeed. So, do website, must not lazy, with our "beauty industry" an old saying, no ugly people, only lazy woman!


in stationmaster net, also met a lot of friends, empty in the sky, individual character, they have helped me a lot of busy. I am very grateful to A5 can give us such a platform to communicate, can let me go a lot of detours, for the webmaster, A5 as Baidu’s ad phrase, A5 once, you know, ha ha.

, my website: www.cnthefaceshop.com

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