Be changed after Baidu K domain name or do not change

owners are basically concerned about this issue, sometimes on their own SEO station over or do not know why suddenly on Baidu can not find their own station, that is the first to reflect the "K", there are many online articles to teach us how to. Now, tell me what happened to my little station after being "K".

my station is on January this year on the line, used.Com domain name, on-line 13 days later by Baidu income, as shown in figure


You can see the

in January 27th by K, after being K from the Internet I read a lot of solutions to the K way, basically have tried, everyone said to be released at least three months before being put out, I can only wait, waiting for the short time traffic less poor. I need to release the availability of information, such as Baidu in income. In this way, three months have passed, and I haven’t been re paid. "Baidu", you let me down!!!


in the helpless circumstances, only change the domain name to try. I changed the domain name into.Cn in April 28th. Everyone said.Cn was not very well paid, but I was only able to pay less for it. But it turned out to be good, not like everyone said, and I think.Com and.Cn are about the same amount of income. You can see my income after changing the domain name, as shown in figure


,.Com and.Cn have almost half a month’s income time, so we do not have to worry about the.Cn domain name income slow rumors.

domain name is a strange phenomenon, in the Baidu after some time for the snapshot page display before April 28th, and in January, I have no solution, hope to see my article friends, can you tell me why. As shown in figure


got the structure after I got the experiment this time. After K or change the domain name, you can be re paid in the shortest possible time. And the.Com and.Cn domains are about the same time.

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