Liaoning Sichuan after the conflict this melee let CBA finals humiliation

in a small series of impression, often between the fans and the fans are in conflict, but in the 2015-2016 season CBA League finals, but the players and fans of conflict, then, the Liaoning Sichuan after the conflict is why? Follow the small series together to understand it!


3 on the evening of 16, the 2015-2016 season CBA League finals in Chengdu in the field of the game, Sichuan gold home to beat the drugs than Liaoning, with a total score of 2 to more than 1 of the top third in the first half of the year. After the game, the players outside the stadium in Liaoning, with the home fans clashed. Live video display, the two sides once melee, the scene was very chaotic. (March 17th "Beijing News") Liaoning players and fans of Sichuan melee, from the point of the report is not clear why, but from the "melee" can be seen, the fight is not the only one in the battle, but the two sides are involved in the battle. This "melee" let CBA make CBA finals to shame, shame, shame to let China basketball.

CBA finals champion is "playing", but this "play" is not "". This "fight" is intended to fight, fight, rather than fighting, with the way to fight to get the CBA champion what does it mean? From this point of view, regardless of the final winner of the CBA who will fall, will make this champion eclipsed, because in the process of winning the championship appeared in the scene of a disgraceful.

CBA is the highest level of basketball game China, melee events playing at the highest level yet, the other level of the game as can be imagined. Basketball game is more than technology, than will, than hard work, but also more than the spirit, than the style, style. The stadium has a famous saying "friendship first, competition second", and in this melee of friendship, I do not know where to go? Melee will end, CBA will continue, I really do not know the two teams after the encounter will make what story or accident? I hope both sides learn from and head and long memory, don’t CBA.

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