King QQ group lecture how do novices learn to be a successful webmaster

 : all students, good, I am webmaster Admin5 webmaster, first do self introduction, I did 7 years web site, in China personal Adsense market touch roll climb, come over. We have done 300 websites with our team. Also slowly give up, no matter from the Wangzhuan, or to the domain name registration, from television to the service industry websites have tried, now these websites have given up, to do Admin5, in order to give personal website to lay a solid foundation, to build grassroots information service network is the most powerful, we are a month a new station training, each month also regularly organizes various lectures and group QQ, between the webmaster activities, we have held 2 Chinese webmaster chess game 2 webmaster SEO contest, there are many webmaster between essay or other activities. Our goal is to twist one of our personal websites scattered around us. Let’s be a big family, learn from each other, share, communicate, and develop together. All our stationmaster is not alone. Because there are thousands of webmaster to spend with you.

we are all in our own home now. Our goal is to make all the lonely brothers together. We are an industry, a classmate, a friend. Let’s talk more. We don’t have any conflicts or competitions. You give people what you pay for, and you don’t get paid. You’ll be at least in your mind, and you’ll always pay for it. I believe this sentence, we can do some little things. This idea will change you and make you happy.

our Admin5 training has been carried out fourth times, in fact, our training has been adhered to for 2 years. For more interested in the Internet, love the website of friends to provide an opportunity, a short 15 classes, we can not all learn, but we can know some basic website. Have a general idea of the site, and then focus on learning. In these 15 classes and the future network, we can give us unlimited, we discuss each other, learning. I want to go back to school, and I want to go back to the era of Internet, which is the most worthy of my memory.

our QQ, as well as questions and Answers Forums, always answer all the students’ questions. We will study together and make progress together. You all have a wonderful dream to start our website. How do you make a website?.

to make a stand, get a good name, you put your name by telephone or verbal can read out to friends can see, convenient. Imagine your two friends talking about you. " seowhy ", rice is thin; " ye Shang line, Michiru " " _ Pi Pi Xiao ", " AA; ", " ecck; China Shi o PA " " forget who you are &>

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