Jiang Likun diagnostics for free resource sites

hasn’t written anything for a month, and isn’t really lazy. Actually, what I wrote in the previous paragraph has made me know a lot of people. Every day, many friends ask me questions. In order to allow more people to get help, I especially in the Forum opened a web site diagnostic section, free for everyone to diagnose the site in the planning, operation, promotion problems encountered. Starting today, I will send some real cases, but also let more people can learn from.

: This is a free resource station I did at college. Now there is a domain name www.5ifree.com!


when the university is still a rookie, always looking for free space, free counter what, and never bored (now say that the company can be equipped with Taiwan server!)

so it was very simple to do this site at that time. It was a free resource search station for later people,.

has done two years, the flow is very small, but that is to know this thing, every day looking for a lot of people, ha ha, and my update is the latest, the most automatic (human flesh)

above, please push a website diagnosis of friends diagnosed, to see why the traffic does not go,


: I personally think that a website to benign development, to steady growth, its theme and content must be sticky, which means that users are willing to spend some time and energy, often log on to your website, see the latest information or is involved in the interaction when to go. But the free class website from its location and user needs, it is difficult to do this, the principle of the following points.

1, usually the people who are in need of free resources, are basically temporary, and this demand may be only once a year.

2, to find free resources, the user’s patience is limited, they hope to get a quick and direct answer, there are few users willing to get a free resource, and spend a lot of time and effort to stay in a web site.

3, when your website meets the needs of users, users basically turn around and leave, at most you write down your web site, next time you need to come back.

4, even if the website adds the interactive module such as forum, also very difficult to retain the user, because the position of the website decided the forum is very difficult to produce what attract a topic. It is believed that most of the subjects in this forum are resource oriented, and, as the first three said, the user will be helped and will go.

to sum up, users of the free resources category of the site, there must be demand. But it’s hard to get users to log on to these sites and interact,


above is only a personal view, welcome to express different views. (welcome friends in need to push a forum diagnosis free of charge. Bbs.tui18.com)


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