Analysis how can personal blog website profit

landlord is a new small blog blogger, pure novice, here to share with you how to operate blog, how profitable, personal opinion, welcome to discuss together. Talk less and get to the point.

in the Internet, blog, BBS and so on a series of Web site is just a platform, this platform is built well before, we want to think about one thing, that is, we build blog is what to do?. I’m sure I’m here to make money… This goal is clear, let’s talk about how to make money.

my recommended blog site profit form:

profit way one: through advertising alliance to make money.

my blog is on Baidu’s ad alliance, and of course it’s harder to review… But still recommend this, Baidu advertising alliance than some small advertising alliance with reassuring, after all, is not a big company. Of course, the Baidu ad alliance uses COOKIE to show web advertising, relatively low hit rates. The site traffic is very good, my little traffic, no income. Using one of the advertising alliance is currently the most popular blog website profit, but if the content of the web site to attract visitors click on is advertising or site visits offer relatively low low, income is not too high.

profit two: to carry out offline business to make money.

on the current Chinese Internet, the line will always make more money than online. For example, we are familiar with the SEO, website construction of these industries. A successful SEO theme blog can bring N multi line business list, which has to say the advantages of network marketing.


is a personal diary of a blog, you can write some of their work and related articles, a large number of professional articles in this blog will become the industry authority blog, bloggers can create authoritative blog yangmingliwan inside the industry.

I am engaged in website construction and network promotion work, because the relation of personal website brings me a great deal of business online. These services, in absolute terms, are hundreds of times more than what the advertising union can do to me. So, if you have the right conditions, it is strongly recommended to take offline business as a starting point for your profit from the beginning.

profit three: get all kinds of sponsorship.

Authoritative blog

in an industry, will have a lot of the same industry enterprises to come to you to negotiate the business, such as the Internet industry authority blogger Lu Songsong, from the website you can see a lot of training organizations or enterprises network advertising. What about the line? That’s hard to say, right?.

of course, the authoritative blogger is not only successful in business, but also has many benefits. For example, to visit the headquarters of Baidu and the like, I always wanted to go, but have no chance to go to. Of course, there are many other benefits, such as sponsorship, LZ hard work for six months

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