The movie site was Baidu K to see how provided traffic

my station does not know is bad luck or what, oh, from the beginning of the application to now, nearly half a year’s time, it has not been included in Baidu. According to my estimate, it was because of my corn: may have been dropped by Baidu K in the past. I didn’t pay attention to it when I registered. Depressed! I made it myself. It’s a movie station.

to now, my station daily traffic is still about 2000. Need to declare is that I did not join any traffic alliance, so I still feel that my promotion experience can still share with you.

first, Baidu know and post. Since Baidu has been included in the seal, then I have the time to know in places such as Baidu frequent occurrence of it. In this way, every day know and paste it can bring 100 to IP traffic.

second uses BOBO resources to optimize BOBO keywords. This can get a lot of traffic at the BOLOSO official station. Because I’m Netcom’s server, I can only get more than 100 BOLOSO per day at IP.

third, in some of the more targeted sites to do the appropriate publicity. For example, I was Netcom movie station, I just often appear in Netcom users place under the posts, do not frequent, otherwise it will bring users antipathy.

fourth, this is the most important point. There are too many garbage stations in the movie. Don’t learn so many stations. Put on more than N pop ads. What?. In that case, the user comes for the first time and rarely comes second times. The website is doing word of mouth. Seriously do their own content of the station, the film should be updated on the update, traffic naturally come.

ha ha, rarely posted, introduced his experience, I hope we can help. In addition, I made a new film, so far has not been included, welcome to help the new webmaster friends plus a connection. The address is: (Dragon cinema)

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