Website operation refinement is not perfection

as a webmaster, the operation of the website will have some unique patterns and methods, no matter what kind of model, can make money model is good mode. The strategy of warfare is strategy and the strategy of "doing station" is strategy and method. A good strategy will make your stand stand out from the crowd. Webmasters often pay attention to the topic "× × ×"; "website fire"; × × × website and 200W". Indeed, every webmaster hopes such a good thing happen to himself, and feel the taste of overnight fame. If you want to become a successful webmaster one day, then spend more time to take care of your own "love station". Not to mention a few million, can melt hundreds of thousands of good Oh,


in the thousands on thousands of webmaster, some brilliant Tengda, some wealthy, some well-off, some only family, perhaps even some space domain name fee did not earn back. Which one do you belong to, huh?. Here, or give advice to do so COPY station friends, do ten garbage station is not like flowers, a little attention to do a regular station. Although I have also done a "garbage station", but summed up, the final way out of the station or do regular stations. A successful webmaster operating website has two purposes: first, the website as a job, a penny earned, earn a monthly salary. Second, the website as a career or investment, the website fame bigger, financing or acquisitions. I prefer the latter, ha ha, because I like to do something creative, like to continue to explore, to challenge. No matter which one you belong to, you are successful.

I have been in touch with many webmaster friends, who have been successful and have failed, but everyone has a good wish. Failure is nothing. Failure is the mother of success. As long as you keep learning and working hard, you will succeed someday. In the exchange and webmaster friends, most types currently do is classified information station, why do we all favor sorting station? When a market competition pattern has been stabilized, i.e. NO1, NO2 when their location is almost difficult to shake, please don’t go with them the competition, it will only be yiluanjishi. But it does not mean to give up competition with them, we want to get a slice of this market, only to do the market segments, to small broad, to fine Bo whole. For example, a regional network of the car, be rash and too much in haste. He is so, do small, do fine, combined with their own advantages, resources, occupy 80% of the region’s market. Faced with these big car portal network competition, why can he do so well? The affinity and viscosity of the site determines his destiny. He grasped the psychology of Internet users, organized some activities regularly to narrow the distance between websites and Internet users, and provided timely and accurate information. Why did the big auto portal lose most of the market in this area?". Everything has two sides, so the traditional enterprises, some enterprises blindly pursuing big perfection.

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