Why did Ali lose a lot of money in public praise Traffic logic and sharing logic behind the red war

xiaonianye, Alipay red official debut, never thought, not good and good things, instead of triggering the pursuit, but triggered netizens have Tucao, sarcasm. Today, WeChat official red envelopes to grab, and micro-blog is a piece of complaints. Why did the businessman pay a big price without winning a good reputation? Instead, last year, the WeChat red packets from each other were popular today,


in my opinion, the victory of red envelopes last year was a victory of "sharing logic". This year, the official red envelope came to a 180 degree turn and went back to the "flow" logic.

what is traffic logic?

U.S. mission network CEO Wang proposed three stages of development of the Internet in the famous "three vertical and four horizontal": search, social networking, mobile. Traffic logic is the logic of the search phase. This logic has several characteristics:

1, the total number of traffic Limited: flow control in the hands of several small giants, because the number of giants limited, each giant contributed traffic is limited. Such as Baidu, sogou.

2, traffic is consumed: in theory, each individual is trying to get traffic, and each gets one, and the total is reduced.

3, the uneven distribution of traffic: the total number of individuals is limited, according to the ability to obtain traffic is different, each individual get the number of flow is different, such as Sina acquired from Baidu flow several times ifeng.com to get traffic from Baidu, not to mention the other network station.

in this sense, although Ali, Tencent is the Internet giant, individual wealth is amazing, but the total can come up with a red envelope is certain, is allocated to each user’s head is also limited, made a lot of effort to grab a few dollars a red envelope, not satisfactory, if grab an empty, the you really have to greet Ali Tencent relatives.

sharing is another kind of logic,

sharing thinking is to create more resources while consuming resources, and the more sharing, the more creation. To grab a red envelope as an example, each user crazy from the chat group to grab red envelopes to share at the same time, still crazy in their own group and circle of friends, seemingly each user’s red number is limited, if multiplied by the number of users to share, and the payment of the frequency, the result became an astronomical figure, far more than the number of billions. Everyone in the harvest of generous red packets, but also non-stop to relatives and friends distribute valuable red envelopes.

from this point of view, it is not difficult to understand why WeChat red envelopes will win this year’s official red envelopes. This victory and a greater value is through such a person to grab red ginseng and everyone, and discuss the case to show us: "people" as the unit, to share the economic way of thinking began to win "goods" as the unit of economic model.

compares commodity, share economy to have a few characteristics:

1, individuals replace the organization: Ali is small and medium-sized enterprises, Taobao is there!

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