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this year, the website filing in the IDC industry is undoubtedly top priority. Policy implementation for nearly a year, how many sites have not been closed because of the record,


in October 28th, the Ministry of communication development division, informed the third quarter of the communications industry operating situation revealed a group of important data, as of September 2010, the three operators closed without the filing of the site reached more than 3000, 22 thousand overseas jurisprudence site blocked information to verify the authenticity and the domain name is CNNIC 4 million 686 thousand, stop parsing without the filing of the domain name to 636 thousand, stop 5200 domain name analytic jurisprudence.

can be seen from the data, the website is not filed with the Yellow site was mentioned in the same breath, because the site for the record and related sites are very large yellow. Earlier this year, the Ministry of the Yellow site comprehensive blockade and blow, and therefore increased the implementation of the site for the record. Tens of thousands of websites have been destroyed, including a large number of formal websites that have been drawn into the "one size fits all" policy.

mobile phone in the jurisprudence aspect, Ministry of communications and information technology industry development secretary Zhang Feng said, one by one investigation on 1915 generation mobile phone charges of enterprise processes are not standardized, qualification problem of 237 enterprises access to return. In order to achieve a joint attack on the Yellow site, the full implementation of the yellow website blacklist enterprise linkage management, while launching inter provincial collaborative processing mechanism.

behind this series of data, involving the interests of groups behind the policy pressure – adsense. A webmaster recently wrote, laments, for personal Adsense, this is a wearing mask at the tip of the dance. And the knife, is undoubtedly an instant change of the Internet regulatory policy, because a website from a policy under It is often seen.

Zhang Feng also revealed that the implementation of Internet related policies, including the suspension of Internet marketing cooperation comprehensive channel business; strict implementation of not filing website not access; one is but one eye-catching, the existence of layers of sublease problems 743 network access service providers in 89 be removed;

accordingly, the well-known IDC service provider China Connaught network said, the site for the record also involves a series of interest chain problems, the server layers of sublet process, the regulatory body is also difficult to accountable. This year, individuals can not register.Cn domain name, the site for the tedious process and high operating costs, so many small and medium owners will transfer the server overseas, but there are a handful of websites involved in hiding it. As the site filing work can only be handled by the formal access service for the Shang Dynasty, and often informal access service providers have become outside the Yellow site to avoid supervision of safe haven.

in recent years, an increasing number of websites involved in yellow, not only because of the lack of access to service providers supervision or intentional indulgence, but also by changing or skipping domain names and other means to escape supervision. Therefore, the Internet regulatory policy has been tightening, no signs of relaxation, but also because

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