On the domestic browser market situation of the feudal lords vying for the throne


browser as the entrance of the network world, the military has always been a hotly contested spot, fierce competition inevitably. In recent years, the major browsers have upgraded their own market share, upgraded their versions, improved their performance and added some practical new functions. With the constant improvement and upgrading of various browsers, IE’s dominance will no longer be so strong. According to foreign media reports, the latest statistics of American Internet traffic monitoring agency Net Applications released Monday showed that in February this year, Microsoft IE in the global browser market share fell to 61.2%, a record low. At the same time, although Firefox’s market share within three months continued to decline, but also holds the second position in the market still makes IE feel full of pressure. Google, Chrome, opera, apple, Safari, several browsers are still maintaining a certain market competitiveness.

several browser manufacturers in the world in full swing, the domestic browser market is raging like a storm, feudal lords vying for the throne. In addition to several well-known international manufacturers outside the browser, the browser is the domestic brand more users have China localization advantage, quickly captured the heart of the Internet in china. According to iResearch iResearch latest Internet users the latest data for user behavior research of iUserTracker system shows that the third quarter of 2009 Chinese Internet browser the effective use of time is 33 billion hours, 26 billion 500 million hours in the previous quarter growth of 24.5%, a significant increase. The effective usage time of the major browser software categories has increased, but the difference in the size of the display shows that the browser is showing new trends.

browsers have been updated through updates to improve functionality and performance. Dedicated to give users the best experience, and then seize the market. Browser market should be said to be a huge cake, as long as you enter, you can not resist the temptation of cake. Especially in the domestic market, there are many people in the network. With the improvement of the quality of Internet users, their autonomy and selectivity have been further improved. The pursuit of a better browser experience will be the real needs of most Chinese netizens. The huge number of Internet users constitutes a potential market for browsers. This is like a war without smoke, seemingly peaceful, in fact, are secretly competing, snatching users.

IE as a traditional browser software, binding Microsoft windows system, users base and habits are dependent, and in the domestic market position in the medium and long term is difficult to shake. And such as Firefox, opera, Google, Chrome and other foreign browsers, although not much market share in China, but with excellent function and performance also has a certain share of users. At the same time, several domestic browsers, with their own characteristics, are gaining more favor of users. The whole domestic market, has formed a separate regime situation of feudal lords vying for the throne. Like veteran domestic browser roaming, the domestic market share has risen to second place. Other browsers, both at home and abroad, own each other

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