Website design analysis nine principles design website landing page

when my son was three or four years old, it rained outside in the afternoon, so I took him to a huge indoor seaside playground. I think the flashing lights, dazzling and swing machine, lot of Frogger small bees, diamond like model will make him very excited, let us spend a few hours of fun parent-child time in there.

but in fact he hesitated and stood in the middle of the playground, dazzled and bewildered. Casually throwing a few balls down a slope, he turned his head and asked me, "Mom, is that enough? Can we go home?"

website landing page often look and feel like a playground, for users to access the site is not only attractive and guide effect, but to make them all at sea puzzled — this means that your visitors will want to back away from this place out of order as eagerly as my son.

landing page refers to the visitors to see you sent with a clear theme specific marketing activities — issued by Email, social media or advertising attractive preferential information in other places, click is linked to the first page on your website. Usually, the hidden information behind the landing page is a form that explores and collects potential consumer information to convert visitors into potential customers and follow up on the information gathered. Landing pages provide visitors with an "ultra clear" access experience: continue to deepen your relationship by presenting a specific page, pointing out a clear path for them.

design a landing page with a definite goal is an art (and science). An effective landing page should contain enough information but not enough information to make visitors feel confused and overwhelmed. The ideal landing page should transfer three simple information: visitor location; what have you prepared for discount for them (these preferences are very attractive); if you want to get this attractive discount, what to do next (and find out more about discount items).

an easy mistake is superfluous — like all amusement park – in the landing page is filled with a variety of important but non essential information fancy. Should be as simple as possible, navigation bar at a glance. Refinement.

below will introduce you to some of the keys to designing an efficient landing page that can turn visitors into real buyers, or at least increase the relationship between you and your visitors.

promises to do

if you are in the propaganda of the potential customers or the actual customer commitment to provide something to them (such as product descriptions, free ebooks), make sure to fulfill your promises — and immediately.

"information discrepancies" is a very common situation: email marketing service provider Silverpop studied 1>

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