Talent network operation how to not let the cumbersome registration allows visitors to beat a retrea

whenever there is a talent online job friends may have the same feeling with the author, that is afraid of tedious registration process. We know that in the online registration personnel need to fill in the content are many, for example we need to fill in our email address, telephone number, address and so on, some people even will need user authentication. Many visitors after seeing the cumbersome registration process, if your talent network not too attractive, they are looking for more then beat a retreat, for the convenience of the talent network.

, if you take a good look at a lot of talent, the network registered slogans, you will find many places, talent sites have played "1 minutes fast registration" propaganda slogans. This will greatly enhance the enthusiasm of visitors registration, of course, we can not stay on a slogan above. As the talent network we need to learn how to optimize our registration process, we will not let visitors see after registration in the beat a retreat. Then, what aspects can we start with? The following author would like to share some of his views.

first, registration required in cannot be reduced, we need to learn how to spread the information required, and then when you need to let them fill in.

we know that as visitors to the web, the ultimate goal of the site is to get an ideal job. In order to protect the information of enterprises or users, many talents will require visitors to register before they can view more content. In this regard, we can first let our visitors have a simple registration, to meet the needs of users for information.

we know that when we find a job in the personnel online may not immediately say just registered enterprises, many times we need to first selection of enterprise information delivery, and then choose their own love of the company resume. At this point, when visitors want to send resumes, we can ask users to fill in more detailed information. There are many advantages to doing so. First, users who find interesting businesses will be more motivated to fill in registration information. Secondly, let the user in your resume and then let them fill out tedious information more easily get the user’s understanding, after all this information is required. At the same time, the dispersed registration process will also make users not feel too cumbersome.

secondly, think deeply about whether some of the information really has to be filled out by visitors,

we know that the greatest role as a talent network is to build a bridge between people and talents. We need to maximize the information of talents to employers. However, we can find that some talent networks do a bit too far in displaying talent information. It’s like the contact information of job seekers. The more diverse types of contacts today are, apart from landline, mobile phones, QQ, WeChat, and so on. Some web sites have no idea of what visitors might think of as a way of getting visitors to fill out these contacts. Eventually, visitors are disgusted with the registration process

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