Web vulnerability causes hosts to become broilers

generally tested, most of the virtual hosting in the personal site, enterprise website. This vulnerability is very common, not what can conquer scan host port site, heavy harm to the host!! if you use or become chicken by unscrupulous persons tampering with the home page, to attack the host or to other domestic purposes, but in this miserable miserable, virtual host performance is generally very good, launched the attack is so many rookie be unbearable to contemplate! As the arrogance of the weapon. In the next, it is only to attract people’s attention, so that more friends can understand and pay attention to their own web site and host security.

here we mainly discuss the current mainstream attack methods and preventive measures. Site injection and Upfile vulnerability make it easy to control a web site or host. SQL injection is accessed from normal WWW port, and the surface looks is equivalent to a normal Web page access, so the firewall or anti-virus software will not issue a warning, if not timely repair, it was very easy to get WEBSHELL, usually by the server on a forum, product release system script in the host vulnerability, 80 port permission to upload files to the webshell to your server, made HTTP browsing address, as long as the server is running scripts such as ASP support of the server, you can achieve the server system management right to the webshell, and the back door is very subtle and "stable", even if reinstall the system, the new system patch is useless, so great harm. The following we discuss how to avoid the way, right-click each disk partition or volume letter, select "properties" in the pop-up menu, select "security" tab, then you can see what account can access this partition (volume) and access. After the default installation, the "Everyone" appears with full control privileges. "Add", "Administrators", "Backup Operators" and "Power Users", "Users" and several other groups added, and give full control or the corresponding authority, attention, not to "Guests", "IUSR_ machine" this account any authority. Then the "Everyone" group to delete from the list, so only authorized users can access the group and the hard disk partition, and ASP is executed, accessing the hard disk with "IUSR_ machine" status, here did not give this user account permissions, ASP can read and write files on the hard disk. Set a separate user account for each virtual host (site) user, and then assign each account a directory that allows it to be fully controlled. For sites, separate cmd.exe, net.exe, net1.exe, ping.exe, netstat.exe, tftp.exe, telnet.exe, ftp.exe to only allow >

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