A three year network career for college dropouts

always think that when young and frivolous, own a cavity blood will do a thing with vigour and vitality. Because the frivolous, so give up college, why? I don’t want to give up the piece of paper and the best time of my life. Eileen Chang said that fame takes early morning.

at the beginning of 05, enter the university only half a year, I resolutely chose to drop out.

drop out of what to do, to tell the truth, then my biggest wish is to have an Internet cafe, how good ah, money must be more.

I really want to know when to have a card, light the hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands of dollars to save themselves. I don’t have to buy the machine, it -_-||| (college tuition on the body. Depressed, I lived in a 100 month cheap rental house, considering what to do. Finally, forget it, bought a computer, pulled broadband, play online.

and my friends who dropped out together made a literature forum (we are all arts students), very popular, but also did not want to make money, just want to have a place to communicate with each other, to know more friends. For this forum, we spent the first time to buy virtual host and domain name, research mobile network forum, research DZ, gradually, I have a very strong interest in the site.

for two months, I learned a lot, so I set up a studio to help people make web forums. It’s been a month before I know how naive I am. My standard is not the general food!!!


later to test a company to make web page, is a broken home, the boss is a rich man, because love car, so get ready to do a car, so the establishment of the network company, two companies, a PHP programmer, I am a artist, PHP programmer level can, I the general level is not garbage. But when the boss is playing, we both had a month, although only 500 of the salary, but I am still very happy, after all, their own money.

I learned a lot of things in the six months, and I thought I could make a real break. So he resigned the studio set up! This time I received a lot of do business, earn a lot of money, the first month I earned 3000 ocean, in the first half revenue than my network company more!! my confidence expansion!! I want to set up a company is my idea, I think I absolutely not ordinary people, I will change the world (I was 19 years old!)

twenty years old birthday, I want to register the company, I began to recruit people, began my great idea – to do their own site, to a lot of traffic, earn advertising fees. In advance or rely on others to make web sites to make money.

After the establishment of

company, my savings have been spent, and the company has no new business to come in. Because of me, because I’m busy with the company’s things, where do I have time to go out and talk about customers?


06 second half of the year >

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