2014 people Adsense most worthy of doing business model from the media star

no money, no technology, no resources, what can we do grassroots webmaster? What can we quickly develop and long-term operation of the project?. If you also have this kind of trouble, and I pass each other, the webmaster God of wealth together to chat, now more popular from the media star. Maybe you can find some ideas for development.

this time, a lot of friends and I ask, is a similar question, that is now what items for personal Adsense do, it is best for long-term development. Many friends complain that they have no resources, no technology and no money… In fact, most of the individual webmaster basic is this situation. No one else is good enough, so please put aside your complaints and use your time to think and do something useful. Only in this way can you make yourself a successful stationmaster at an early date.

I’ve been paying attention to a word "star from the media" these days, and I’ve made some understanding of the word’s back. What’s more, I find it’s a good and fast way for the individual to grow quickly. And can develop for a long time. For no money, no technology, no resources grassroots is really a good direction of development, but also diversified profit model. As long as you attract fans, there’s no way out.

the word "media" is actually a special fire in the past two years, and many media are talking about it. Many people say that since the media die, there are many people who say that the media is the future direction, it is a trend to build stars from the media. In fact, I’ve recently written a few tutorials on how to build personal success blogs. And from the media to do some in-depth understanding. I found that many grassroots are slowly successful from the media. Some time ago I wrote an article "how he is through a post to earn a few million years" in the afternoon I found at the end of the world have made a "how he is through the QQ space to earn a few million years" is after reading I write this article. Wrote famous stars from the media, people understand, Dong Junfeng. He has attracted countless fans by publishing logs in QQ space. He profit model is only reply permissions and QQ space permission to sell him the crowd, I have never seen the answer log also need money, but with his readers not only need ten thousand yuan fee, but you have 200 thousand more cars abroad and passport. In other words, you want to pee in his area, what needs 1200, and you need to know he needs ten thousand. He doesn’t even have a formal website. Just a simple QQ space, and no QQ certification or anything like that. But he has one hundred thousand fans.

there is a Wang Tong, he is also writing a blog from a grassroots to the Wangzhuan master. He earned a lot of money in training these years. And there are some very high-end training. And the earliest time, he is also a poor technology, no money, no resources of a grassroots webmaster. He began to gain attention by Blogging

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