Determine the user requirements to meet the key points in the process product managers must read ni

dedicate this to people who dream of changing the world.

Shu Xun,

years later, when I face the young product managers, I think of myself as a well paid job. It was 2000, I graduated from university in Beijing after a IT website search engine PM, I had a month’s salary to buy one square meter house in Asian Sports Village, ten years later, a friend out of the salary and the recruitment of PM, I am ten years ago, the difference is when young PM with water to pay a the buy one square meter house in Asian Sports Village. I was puzzled, so I consulted HR’s colleague, HR’s colleague, and told me that ten years ago, the product manager was scarce and not now.

ten years, Beijing housing prices rose by 10 times, but the best PM’s salary has risen by at least 50 times, so in Sina, micro-blog readily open a V, often encountered certification for product managers. Many PM has a dream: to change the world with their own design products, at the same time earn pours, but ten years did not change the entry-level salary, but let people touch the reality is skinny.

if you are a PM, is going to follow a Montana, it proves that you are not only a lucky, and talent in product design excellence, this article can be used for your reference. If you are in the ordinary small company in nine late ten, or odd jobs at a large corporate level, but you have a dream, a dream to change the world with their own products, then this article is written for you. I share it here, I hope to have more dreams of PM value, I hope you can make the world a better place by your hand.

Product design "

the nine step, the main source of the design framework of one hundred million users of the product glittering in several from scratch, I used to do a long time practice and constantly revised, in a class 1 billion PV products in a blink of an eye, has been arrested for 16 years, and a number of Chinese was recognized as the most the top PM worked for many years now in their understanding of. The "nine step" method is written for the pan Internet product. It is suitable for large products and is also suitable for new functions in the products. The method of use is PM, in product design, the following nine questions written by themselves, written, answered and discussed and discussed with the team one by one.

the first step: which core requirements does the product satisfy the user?

The key to

product design is to figure out which core value of the product is and what core requirements the user will meet. In practice, 70% PM often forget that, because "to meet the needs of users has become almost every PM can mouth to come", so I often forget. We often hear, "micro-blog to strengthen the SNS attribute", "WeChat to open O2O", "community information to flow faster", is the most typical example of the forgotten user needs. All these ideas are taken for granted, without thinking at the user’s point of view

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