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record is an old promble, today also come up, because in the forum, see webmaster still troubled by this, I am me this a few months to record the experience out to share with you, I used this method, these 2 months for hundreds of successful website for the record. Including many websites that you think are impossible to pass at all. Note: the landing registration system, to see the verification code, filing system verification code writing is not clear, I prepared hundreds of stations often go wrong, always depressed home, which PigHead design of the


a new station for the record

domain name registration down to record this time is the most easy to pass, because you can have any name for your site, if your site name contains the following or following, must pass, news, publication, education, medical care, medicines and medical equipment, electronic bulletin, culture, broadcasting film and television, blogs, WAP, instant messaging, search engine. Suppose you do a movie station, you want to pass, you must not have a movie in the title, otherwise, the basic pass, but you can write, I love Andy Lau, I love Stephen Chow, these can be passed. The specific steps are as follows, the domain name registration, access to space, the best time to buy a space to ask each other how to access the audit audit, if not immediately don’t buy it, buy space, immediately after the filing, the phone, how to write the name I do not wordy, a lot of people are talking about N times. To second fill in the website information, website name to write, and pre approval conflict, the second line to write the complete domain name, the third line to write without WWW domain name. To the third step, write the name of the access business, you should ask clearly, access to the company’s business name should not be wrong. Immediately after submission, contact the access provider for approval. After the access check, you just wait for the record number.

telephone station for

said the old station for the record, this is a headache, because we all know that when the site for the record if you turn off the site it is very harmful to the search engine, this time to do it, I also have a method, that is in the website can make open, go home all the words are removed the remaining 3 words for the record, and to write enough, let a person see is to see. Such record down, and then change the home page.

three, how about some edge ball stations for


site may not be illegal, but to the development direction of illegal suspects, this time to do it, we know that the record of 2 steps, one is access to the audit, the other is a network audit, and access your relationship, let him through. That way you’ll increase your chances of filing. Let the access pass, provided that every step you fill in is correct. For example, the phone should be 7, so you don’t write 8. Identity card number is 18, you wrote 17, the address has a road, no house number, the most important thing, website name must pay attention to, can’t make the pre-approval. In this way, your record will pass. >

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