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not long ago done a stand, on-line test passed, so began the long web site promotion. In order to avoid people saying I’m advertising, I don’t write the site’s Web site.

because my station is not a garbage station, so my promotion is to really increase the site traffic for the purpose. First of all, I made my website for search engine optimization, I suggest you don’t write in the keyword does not matter keywords, and, and each key word to avoid more than four words. Besides, not only keyword, but also description. I think everyone in this area is an expert, so I won’t say any more.


is in the major search engines to add my site URL, generally speaking, Google, Baidu, Yahoo, these three will be enough. If you like the Alexa ranking, go there and submit it, anyway, no trouble. But now the Alexa rankings are all fake, and basically nothing worth it.


, my promotion means to buy keywords in search engines. I bought Google and Yahoo, and didn’t buy Baidu. The reason is simple. Although Baidu may have a higher market share, the amount of Google users is enough for me. In addition, I also saw some two days ago that someone called Aotol can increase the stickiness of the website, and also tried.

first say the key word. In my experience, the effect of Google is far better than Yahoo, for example, the first day of Google advertising volume has reached more than 30 thousand, while Yahoo is only about 2000. Of course, the price of good things is natural, basically, I’m in a week on the Google burned 500 yuan.

costs so much, there are two ways to save money, one is refining keywords, and the other is to lower bid. Is the only key to buy those closely related and refine their own content, do not use some popular keywords so their website to many people is a good thing, if your keywords and website combination even if someone came in general is immediately go. Another is to lower the offer. Don’t believe what you say Google can offer high ranked you in a good position, that is lying to you more money. And don’t use Google’s own capital optimizer. The most economical way is to view the current lowest bid keyword is how much, then set to become the lowest value to a low point, and then look at the status is not "show", as long as the "display" on OK, forget about the evaluation is "fair" or "great" pocket money only is the most realistic.

in addition to keywords, I also used a promotion of Aotol, in fact, is to increase the stickiness of the site of a thing. Go to https://s.aotol.c>

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