Webmaster don’t ignore your website home page it is the user’s entrance

when we talk about the importance of home page, a lot of people do not mind, in their eyes, the site’s pages are traffic landing point. In fact, a site to real development, your users must be in the home or your home will become the first page the user visits your site, another degree, so that the flow is your real users. And other traffic, just your site’s passing, passenger flow and user traffic quality is completely different, but also a garbage station and commercial regular station important difference.

I started doing personal webmaster at the University of

, after graduation engaged in the post called Internet Product Manager, in this post, I learned the most is the user experience, user centered design, details, and pay attention to the website user behavior within the entire situation. The experience of great help to me, because when doing personal webmaster, see a lot of so-called experience on the Internet, few people will tell you the importance of a web page, just tell you to do more, get more SEO flow, the inside pages long tail keywords for ranking. Of course, these are correct, but many personal websites have not come out of the main reason is that there is no real concern over the home page, no real concern over the site’s users. We should put on the front page of the site as a product to operate, I heard the Eslite team, light is the home of this one, there are many people in the specialized design, testing, operation. This shows that the home page is not simple. A good home page should have the following.

1: clear navigation, the entrance to the site,


home page as a site navigation, when users lost in the website, can always think of home, will be able to find the link through the website content, the navigation of hao123 is the same as for Internet users yesterday, just as the home is your site navigation around here. You can see all the key columns, some key columns recommended.

2: reasonable layout of each column

the distinction between many large commercial websites and personal websites is usually a simple listing of personal websites. It is a list of several columns, and then the left or the right to add some new content and recommendations. In the large-scale commercial website, each column layouts are well ordered, in addition to the section of the web site, there are some of the characteristics of a website to hold activities such as the gathering line, chat show, weekly promotions, personalized content fundamental user behavior push. They should be determined according to the importance, the scale of the use of the product and so on. What kind of position should be placed and what kind of presentation should be given?. When your design is finalized, when you re re edit, you must consider maintaining the original position as much as possible, or the old user may not find his original. In short, the webmaster must do the home page, each column layout, do know well, I believe there are many webmaster is right

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