For six years write a little feeling

six years, write a little feeling.

Hello, I am just. I haven’t written anything for a long time. Today I take advantage of the opportunity to write my own feelings and feelings on the new station.

I started the station from 03 years ago. It’s a long history, but I talked about what I’ve done in the past few years, but I can’t get a station worth mentioning. These years, although there has been what experience and contacts accumulated valiant record, but is very valuable.

yesterday just sold his carefully done 2 months to do the photo station, another station wholesale my pass (, this is what I stand for nearly 6 years, for the longest, most fully investigated, a website is the most comprehensive plan. After many years of ups and downs, do a mess of dozens of websites, and now decided to calm down, wholeheartedly to do a web site.

webmaster’s mind,

last night, a webmaster online, plus I QQ for me to communicate, said he want to do standing group, first do 10, and then do 100, and maybe also do 1000. And then open their own advertising alliance, ten stations, each site as long as 1000IP, 10 X1000IP=10000IP. He was very excited when he spoke to me and asked me if I would like to work with him. He would be willing to pay for the space and domain name.

, 2 years ago, my thoughts were the same. At that time, I also with excitement, excitement in his fantasy fantasy stations, there are hundreds of websites, each station has thousands of IP, and then imagine myself and make a lot of money, set up his own company, a lot of people, while the management station group, while expanding my station group.

I often QQ163

, I’m not going to listen to music, I am going to study Li Xingping’s station group mode, method of multi station traffic between the reciprocal of him. As a matter of fact, this kind of station group model can be done, but it seems that there are not many successful people. Besides Li Xingping, and the Pacific website group, there are no other successful examples.

I told the man with great ideals and ambitions that he was not the only one who thought of me, and that he was not alone. Millions of people may think so, but there seem to be few people who really do it, and there are not many successful people. So, still think twice.

I haven’t written for a long time. My writing level is getting worse and worse. It seems that I have to write often to write good things. What I write here today is what I think of. It’s only been a long time since I wrote it.

website just on-line for a few days, Baidu has not included it, in order to speed up included, and now hope to communicate with the webmaster friends link. My QQ:5018494 verification indicates: "stationmaster net is OK.".

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