New station do the station the most important thing is happy

walk in stationmaster net for a long time, looking at your predecessors sometimes make yourself excited by the wise remark of an experienced person, and always want to write something, but suffer from poor writing level (primary school Chinese is very difficult to pass), afraid to write things out then, today to idle casually knock something.

I also love to be standing, but many owners may think differently, I do stand just for enjoyment, mostly on the Internet under some template changes, made films, navigation, forum, game, SNS…… basically. Popular things have played, but not a stand the climate, ha ha, among them some information because yellow off.

I do not like most

station predecessors first to make money, I don’t love to put advertising, advertising the station feel dirty, so has no income, basically all is in deficit, but I feel very happy, do stand regardless of size, as long as do. I think this is the biggest harvest. If every day to flow, advertising believe this will do very tired these days to buy a game program, hung a station named web game portal, mainly because it is similar to the domain name, and the 17173 network game, ha ha, is only fun to do this station, we do stand in the webmaster how to let oneself should be more happy, this is a meaningful thing.

said here today, fortunately we are not scold me this article sucks on the line ah, almost forgot to leave a contact and exchange: 100100358

has just opened the small station:, we have time to see (make a small ad)

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