n the world stray station regrets

night has been deep, looking back at the Internet 9 years pass through the road, not only filled with a thousand regrets. Always want to seize something, always want to retain some things, but always in the world lost in the missing more. Today intends to register a Youdao, send a little emotion.

2000 read big 2, when the network has been very hot, coupled with the obsession with web pages, Huyou flicker, do personal web pages. That time is always completely chipping away, for their own interests. The real step into the industry was after graduation in 2003.

has plenty of time after work. Bought a program on the Internet, when it did not understand, will be the basic HTML. Optimistic about the site, this thought bought good, really did not expect to be fooled by others, spent 800 dollars to buy someone else out of the program. Very unhappy, the program is very bad, is ASP, and I don’t know, there is no way, already on the pirate ship. Had to hold the ASP program to see every day.

in 2004, the Internet met a friend, was very popular injection vulnerabilities, so joined the ranks, by brute force to crack other people’s database, and then get the authority. At that time, I was still very clean about my hobby, and did not include any advertisements and would not like to put any advertisements. Think of being the cleanest web site in the world. But suffer from site traffic, how can not go up?. Later, I heard that Huang – standing is better to do so, and then add BLUE resources. In August of the same year, the country began to crack down on BLUE sites. Luck was good, and the site was closed before the country began to rectify it. Since no ad was added, it could be said that the traffic was exploding, and the highest one was probably hundreds of thousands of visitors (

for a week)

in 2005, the alliance began to hot, remember it was the key to free movies, at that time, Baidu has been more mature, and the market is relatively large. All day long for free movies, online movies, these things are turning, instead, I know to add ads and add revenue to my website. But also do not understand SEO, after some people’s advice, buy some message board listserv. Ha ha, what writing all is some fervor, on-line movie stream. Garbage sites have also created N.

in 2005 madness and 2006, and make the site less than 30. Many inputs, domain name, server and so on, earn a little money is not enough corn and server costs. After a large number of mass mailing messages, it does bring a great deal of traffic in a short time, but search engines are not stupid. In less than 3 weeks, K will lose you, and even 10 Fen will not leave you.

my favorite domain name, Baidu more than 3 years, always only included one page. For 3 years, GOOGLE was not included on the page. And myself, after crazy precipitation, reflect on myself. Why other people are ordinary webmaster, but can succeed, me? Still busy running, nothing. So turn off the <

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