Classified information websites lack profit model

"in China, what kind of model can be successful, and now no one can say that, we all have no direction, they are in the groping stage."."

Following the June 25th

eBay brand was renamed "people Kijiji network", and announced the localization strategy after the upgrade, the people network headquarters is located in Guangyuan Road 55, Hao Ran of Shanghai Jiao Tong University science and technology building 18 floor, its partner manager Wang Tarin to reporters today classified information website confusion.

"reality is that most classified information sites are burning money",

classified information website because of the technical threshold is low, content is very similar, and even between the previous web site in order to supplement their own pages of information content and copy each other. Users and traffic become the focus of the initial market development of classified information websites.

it is understood that the current classification of information site mainly for people living in the search service, service content, usually including recruitment, services, housing, education and training as well as the secondary market category. Moreover, when users publish and use information, they are basically free. The business is similar to the free service, makes the capital becomes the only backing these classified information website fight, only to the 58 city as an example, two rounds of financing 4 million.

Compared to

million a year to tens of millions of investment, to achieve revenues of the business category there is no classified information website, the first to enter the field of classification of some industry insiders said helplessly, "the reality is that most of classified information website in 2007 to burn, Thousand Oaks group because there is no stand and see continued investment revenue close the classified information website business two years Finding profitable business models is key to the continued survival of classified information sites.

personal fees and merchants Fu Feicheng mainly explore the direction of

is facing the pressure of survival, and classified information websites have been looking for their own development direction, and began to explore effective business model. Among them, personal fees and business fees become the main exploration direction of profit model.

58 city through its "brand recommended" business attempts at businesses pay, especially in access to Saif 40 million of the two phase of the financing, the CEO Yao Jinbo said it would increase the intensity of market. Alibaba (Enterprise Library Forum)’s word-of-mouth network and YAHOO joint attack. Ganji also marked "Google strategic partner of Google in its home, suggesting that the relationship between Google and the unusual situation, although this alliance has not seen any results, it is clear that for the support of allies is becoming the development direction of

‘s search for the right way of life has become a consensus among the various websites. People network CEO Wang Jianshuo believes that now is the first category growth sites, identify the direction, occupation of the market, becoming the future in the fierce competition in the leading key.

to this end, people network not only through the name change

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