From attitude to attitude NetEase news brand content strategy double upgradeSource capital Cao Yi

the past six months, the domestic venture capital circle is the backbone of many well-known changes raging like a storm, investment institutions have to raise new funds or venture out institutions, the industry has described it as a "small V era".

Tencent technology reported on August 21st,

Abstract Cao Yi said that more inclined to product entrepreneurs and two entrepreneurs, because the two entrepreneurs have more advantages.

in information production and dissemination

brand image dialogue pan 90

it is understood that the capital is the source of anonymous social applications no secret of investor, said Cao Yi had been voted no secret, in addition to its continuous venture outside have done without looking, reading Web personalized recommendation personalized recommendation, there is a close plug-in > and no secret of this product clear logic

is a new generation of content consumer groups, grew up in the era of personalized 90 gradually began to grasp the mobile Internet era of "discourse power", is also the most important potential users for the mobile information platform to the NetEase as the representative of the news, these young people not only extremely clearly reflects the characteristics of more realistic and positive face changes but, more thirsty to represent and express themselves, to seek sympathy, and even a sense of belonging identity. Young people value orientation and interest in different consumption patterns, like gradually formed a barrier, born out of different youth culture circle, the circle of young people, they need not break the barriers but also actively looking for a fellow traveler". As a result, the interests of vertical or diversified content, brand distinctive content, products and services are more favored by the pan 90. In "the attitude by wind waves" series of brand image, the NetEase news tried to use these young users are familiar with the language and communication, more intuitive to the user showing NetEase news content diversified brand positioning and upgrading of young image, complete the "different attitudes" brand value transfer and dialogue. The theme of "the language attitude by wind waves", it is praise and confidence for the young people to pursue the attitude, every young person can expand the field of vision in the NetEase news platform, enrich their own views of the world, can meet a lot of "wind waves" counterparts.


, for the first time, entrepreneurs often face a lot of problems. For example, first, the lack of use of limited resources to shape the product capacity, "from the product’s ideas as a cut in the mouth, to the last line of the process, many companies can not do it."". Second, common errors in the allocation of ownership structure, such as the distribution is too average or extremely uneven, or encounter differences in ownership, resulting in the dissolution of the team. Third, when talking about financing, the lack of rhythm grasp, such as previously did not contact investors, do not know how to expand in prosperity, or in adversity as much as possible to find investment.

In addition to the current

investment without mystery logic

yesterday afternoon, in an interview with Tencent, science and technology and other media, the source of the capital partner Cao Yi said, more inclined to product type entrepreneurs and two entrepreneurs, because the two entrepreneurs have more advantages. Anonymous social applications for no secret, for example, Cao Yi from their own products and entrepreneurial team of logic and principles, explains the original investment no secret reasons.


Cao Yi said that in investment logic, he is more inclined to product oriented entrepreneurs and more advantage of the two entrepreneurs. "Product entrepreneurs think more clearly, the company that brings out is more long-term value of the company, his own style will also affect the company and team culture, this is very important."." Cao Yi stresses.

, 90 entrepreneurs in this hot topic, Cao Yi said, compared to O2O, the Internet financial need this industry experience accumulated in the field of Internet behavior, young people well versed in the habit of 90 entrepreneurs have more advantages in the field of social.

strict selection of content, multi-cultural, experience upgrading, content consumption upgrade three major driving force

the film do not play star machine, just shoot "," to see the world, look at the view of the world "," live in everywhere in the world, until their encounter in "dimensional wall, in the NetEase news with different attitudes" brand new ideas released "with attitude of wind waves a series of brand image, with 90 as the representative of the young generation to become the new round of brand communication of the core people Hwan, not only the brand copy is extremely close to the young user habits, the content of the brand scenes with film, tourism, the two dimension, adorable pet, delicacy, games, science and technology such as the current most popular youth culture in the circle as the starting point.

from "attitude" to "the attitude of" brand new Hwan, means that the NetEase news will more than do adhering to the principle of journalistic professionalism of Internet media, provide multi angle depth reports. "Attitude" brand image based on NetEase news professional media positioning and its quality with the attitude of the contents of the output, but with the NetEase news to platform transition information content and pan polymerization more formally proposed the "content consumption upgrade" product strategy, the NetEase hope to bring more news with the attitude of the content production partners, together to complete the content and quality of diversification the consumer to upgrade and build a "different attitudes" brand value.

recently, former vice president of Sequoia Chinese Cao Yi announced that he had left the capital and Sequoia Capital founded source, has completed the initial $100 million to raise funds, will focus on the early TMT investment, including O2O, Internet banking, new social, entertainment, enterprise IT as the representative of the field. It is understood that, as of the first phase of the fund to raise the completion of the source, capital investment innovation projects include no secret secret, interesting installments, PP car rental, sea play network, Ethernet capital, SendCloud, fresh passenger, etc..

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