Farrell only 2007 winter sweater in special offer promotional giftsWebsite promotion

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more information as in the League: https://s.top.admin5/u
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this time, more and more websites, has far exceeded the number of cattle, so make a website more easily; website promotion, more and more difficult. Recently, many netizens have turned to me for help. I don’t have much time. And according to my own experience, I can list some of the more useful ways I feel here for your reference

as for the site you can go to the shit page recommendation www.dabian8 or "web site library" column in search of suggestions to find home "friends station links, they generally want to exchange links before landing shit; if your web site is the webmaster want to apply for the district to apply for promotion can recommend your website, as in the past will shit for you to do the promotion work!

site not but beautiful, special trial commercial website, must be practical technology first, followed by appearance. In addition, many of my friends’ Web site, although not beautiful, and some are ugly, but it really brought them money. Ha ha, please remember this website design idea, practical first

the search engine to the site to bring traffic will be more and more, there are many other landing landing Jones software version download address. But the most effective or manual landing. In my poems of Suo makeup sale network suoshi in statistics, through the manual login to the NetEase, Yahoo and other search engines will bring a lot of traffic to the. Some other portals are now charging for landing, and you can choose according to your own circumstances. But personally, I think its input and returns are not very good.

> the Chinese search engine.

Farrell 2007 winter sweater selection, enjoy the colorful life!  
2.  cartoon timer;  
3.  rose necklace; ashtray Budaoweng clock  
4.    folk style earrings;

the only alliance;

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