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profitability is a testament to the viability of the business model,

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below, I will aim at this problem to carry on detailed analysis and solution.

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growth and profitability has always been the focus of debate among the two. Some people think that the pursuit of profit will lead to slower growth of the company’s business. After all, in order to achieve more rapid growth, additional funding is needed to provide support. But normally, venture capitalists are impatient, so that only companies with a high growth rate are their best investment targets.

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editor note: the author is Stephan Wirries, from the French veteran venture capital Ventech Capital intime capital.

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a ticking bomb or an automatic teller machine?

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stands to reason that venture capital exists to support the growth of business models that provide sustainable growth. The company’s profitability is not only a source of confidence for the founder, independent of foreign investors, but also a bargaining chip for them in seeking outside funding. A company that has been profitable has more disposable time to make a reasonable strategic plan for its future development. However, to put it this way, the venture capital market has always been the most valued, but in fact it is still growing at a high speed.

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there is anecdotal evidence that most start-ups are unable to make profits. Some even say that if a startup wants to seek outside funding, it’s better to stress that the company is not yet profitable. Only in this way can it prove to investors that it is still growing and will continue to grow in the future. In the view of the risk of investors, this view is correct? The investment in your Ventech company is profitable company more, still has yet to achieve profitability or the operating loss of the company’s more

Suster and Fred Wilson Mark the risk of investors, also have to solve this problem are given their own views, but is summed up in a word, the correct view of profit will help you find a suitable path of development.


for venture capitalists, profitability is the most important proof of whether a company’s business model is feasible, whether future expansion will be possible and value added. If we leave that aside, then we really don’t have much interest or demand for a company’s profit. After all, we don’t rely on these investment returns and dividend returns to support ourselves. For a company that is growing, the minimum amount of profit is usually very vague. Then, in such a case, risk >

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