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in CJ, the CPM can find many products of the conversion rate is very high, and then use the proxy server, login to the shlf1314, Yahoo, and then select the appropriate keywords, you can find those who do very good Landing page ", research, imitation, then you will understand more and more if you spend some more thought and effort, you might have a greater harvest.

, first of all, what do I think about winter?. I really agree with the foundation of the real estate fund. How can I share the view of the cold winter from a historical point of view?. We know a proverb, "those who do not know the past do not see the future."". I remember I went to Harvard Business school ten years ago, Harvard Business School, a professor asked me a very sharp question: "you have China industry history research system in the United States?" so many historical changes, people write national history, someone writes in human history, there are a number of who specializes in industry history, business history is a very important part of the inside. Looking at cyclical laws through industrial change history makes it easy for us to take a cold look at winter".

looks at the law of cycles through the changing history of the industry, which makes it easy for us to take a cold look at winter

this article will prepare the speech on the AWS Amazon Web Services forum.



3, success in the details!


this book describes a business as a life that describes its entire life cycle. I have a teacher who is McKinsey’s first consultant in china. He once was >

network has many opportunities to make money, very much, but can not make money, it depends on your mind, can not sink, research, thinking, practice, summary, and then put details

a lot of Wangzhuan training is to teach people to apply for a lot of advertising in the CJ, the more the better. This will make the novice very confused, do not know from that ad started. Therefore, I suggest starting from a small field, seriously do, do fine, do through. It’s easy to make money like that.

1, aiming at a small industry, seriously do, do fine, do through:

then returned to our micro level, I especially recommend many entrepreneurs to read a book, this book is called "enterprise life cycle", it is the author of a Jew named edith. Very unfortunately, today you have to buy online without any genuine, you can only buy pirated or re printed.

CJ is the first that read shlf1314 cash this book, but when 2004 when I got this book, I spent some time carefully to see it until early 2006, looked after the meal to get inspiration, do a web page, the book about the strategy to promote Picasa the first 3000 months, second months straight knife, ten thousand knives. It was not until 2007 that I inadvertently revealed to shlf1314 Adsense executives that using Adwords to earn Adsense money led to the Adsense’s global ban on this model. So later on to play CJ, although the registered account, but in the face of numerous advertising can not start, then accidentally saw an article on the host still recommended articles, immediately do a test, the easy 1000 knife. Spent some time later, I found a lot of do a lot of master in CJ Landing page ", including abroad, found CJ really a lot of opportunities, but many novice wrong here and give some CJ friend very new advice:

let me think that there is such an example: someone had an interview with Buffett: "how do you expect the next stage of the stock market?" Buffett then confidently said: "I have a judgment — it will continue to fluctuate." In fact, this is an inherent law of history, any industry has cycles, any country has cycles, any religion has cycles, and even our human destiny is cyclical. In a big historical context, our cycle today is a very typical phenomenon.


, if you’re a to VC business model, you might experience winter

2, research, imitate, and surpass the very best websites

"shlf1314 Cash" is a good book, but a lot of people read it, and can not draw inferences about the use of it, this is a sad!


today, the main theme of this panel seems to be "capital winter", in fact, I do not feel any "capital winter" in my work, because from my point of view, I can see different perspectives. Today, entrepreneurship is full of opportunities. I think I have enough money, but money doesn’t have to come from VC. If your business model did not return to nature, or it is a to VC business model, may meet the winter, but if it is a real business logic operation of the company, I think now is not the cold winter.

one example in the preceding paragraph, hydrostatic forum cited this example is the domestic United States host maximum recommended that hydrostatic said at least earn $10 thousand a month on the site, I think it may be more and more, because the owners have a series of sites, SEO do not wrong, while he was still also, purchasing a lot of advertising, the monthly income should be a lot of times $ten thousand.

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