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5, quality of service increased by

, while taking a two-way regulatory model, stationed in the kitchen sharing businesses, through remote monitoring, shared kitchen, there will be a service team to monitor the quality of health, assessment. No standard merchants should carry out standard training, and some of the merchants who are not up to standard will be eliminated on time.

one, advertising mode.

shared commercial kitchen mode to get rid of dependence on the location of commercial real estate, through revitalize the bad position of District, to take the ultra low cost of rent; and since the takeaway business oriented form makes sharing commercial kitchen not too large dine area, so as to enhance the efficiency floor, reduce the labor amount; through the introduction of the management information system of automatic sorting system and the independent development of the site management reduces the costs of various.

, a shared business kitchen model, provides venues and operational services for fast catering takeout brands, a shared kitchen similar to an enterprise incubator.

what is a shared business kitchen?

shared business kitchen >

Internet advertising profits reflect the core of the Internet as a new media, reflecting the Internet is increasingly occupying people’s living space is a trend. Only where people gather, advertising has its value. One of the more amazing things about the Internet is that it can tap deeper data mining than other media, such as television, radio and other media, to identify potential customer groups.

merchants are recorded, deposited and analyzed in a shared service center. Based on these data, in terms of brand customer relationship management, brand management and optimization, industry analysis, supply chain and financial value of mining, the future commercial value of limitless potential.

3, accurate data analysis

All behaviors of

merchant "bag in can, equipment, energy, packaging, distribution, marketing and customer service are provided by the shared kitchen, businesses only need to take food cooking. At the same time, the shared kitchen provides takeout operations, from the delivery platform management, takeaway distribution to online customer service tracking, offline brand packaging, businesses need to pay a certain proportion of sales as commission.

Internet value-added services generally refer to value-added services, such as membership services, community services, games, entertainment, video telephony, voice chat and other Internet based platforms. Tencent is currently one of the most eye-catching performance of China Internet Internet company, is one of the highest income Chinese Internet companies in the overall revenue structure of its Internet value-added services occupy more than half of the revenue, according to the 2006 release of the annual report, the annual income of 2 billion 800 million yuan, the Internet value-added services revenue reached 1 billion 830 million yuan, accounting for the overall at the same time, more than 65% of revenue, compared with the same period last year, the growth rate reached 132%. The success of Tencent’s Internet value-added service in China fully demonstrates the great speed of development of this market, and it also shows that Internet value-added service is a potential profit model. After the listing of Tencent, it can be seen that Internet value-added services have the best growth in its overall revenue structure.

two, Internet value-added services.

shared business kitchen uses a model of profit sharing after successful sales, rather than charging service or rent at the very beginning. Such a pumping model, for businesses there is no pressure.


Tencent three categories of revenue are Internet value-added services, advertising, SP business. Among them, the Internet value-added services include network virtual image Q Qxiu, network community Qzone, leisure games fantasy, , sonic, Hall and so on. In these businesses, SP business in 2005, with the deterioration of the industry environment, the proportion of revenue structure has fallen substantially, while Internet value-added services

advertising is the Internet’s most common, the most common, but also the largest piece of cake, almost all sites of the most natural profit model. Site advertising was born in October 1994 in the United States, the United States well-known magazine wired launched its online version of hotwired launched AT&, T and other 14 customers advertising Banner. Internet advertising in China emerged in March 1997, and Chinabyte posted ads on its Web site for customers such as IBM and Intel, which have so far been advertising for over 10 years. According to the strength dissemination company estimates, in 2008 the global Internet advertisement market will achieve 34 billion 200 million US dollars, more than the outdoor billboard and the radio broadcast advertisement scale. According to Analysys International forecast, in 2008, China’s Internet advertising market size can reach 6 billion 870 million yuan. Advertising has become one of the biggest sources of revenue for Internet sites.

shared commercial kitchen to provide a full range of services to brands hatch, take according to the data analysis system, daily limited supply, more easily from the supply chain to ensure food safety. For the brand settled, the sharing of commercial kitchen in strict accordance with the provisions of the food and Drug Administration for merchants to put forward a series of compliance requirements, from the three aspects of operating norms, production norms, reward and punishment mechanism requires businesses orderly operation.

today, the knight Webmaster Station and the webmaster analysis of the site’s 5 main profit model:

4, operating costs savings

shared business kitchen highlights the advantages of

traditional merchants operate their own takeout costs, including 5%-8% platform fees, 15% distribution costs, and 10% offline marketing activity costs. In this way, the restaurant owner pays the cost is not low, does not include labor costs.

1, intensive production management,

2, food quality and safety

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