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2016, the sound electronic business income of 478 million yuan, an increase of 48.86% over the same period last year, but the mother’s net profit fell 26.35% compared to the same period last year, only 26 million 259 thousand and 300 yuan.

2003 Huang Yuzhao graduated from the South China University of Technology, in before graduation when he set up his own company, Microsoft "Venus plan" concept of information appliance, Huang Yuzhao was made out of the washing machine can be controlled by the mobile phone and the Internet, but the infrastructure was not perfect, the concept is too advanced, the company almost do the collapse..

shop, a company called the Indian beauties in the entrepreneurial team, launched a new generation of Indian beauties products within 6 days of sales exceeded 1 million, becoming the first WeChat store revenue broken million products, this is even the Indian beauties CEO Huang Yuzhao himself did not think of, which he said WeChat store, provides a new, high fit, forward-looking channels for Indian beauties and hardware product sales, equipped with WeChat store will become the trend of future development.

12 listed companies as music capital chain influence

developers in the end how to use WeChat store better promotion, hardware and WeChat how to better combine? We might as well look for answers from India mito.

and in view of this part of the accounts receivable, Howe electronic has been in January 2017 to the Shanghai international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Shanghai International Arbitration Center for arbitration, and in March 28th signed a settlement agreement.

Hao sound electronic report shows that in 2016, the music as mobile intelligent information technology Beijing Co., Ltd. hereinafter referred to as "LETV mobile" there are 53 million 358 thousand and 500 yuan accounts receivable, a total provision for 10 million 169 thousand and 300 yuan.

Abstract WeChat store provides a new, high fit, forward-looking channels for Indian beauties and hardware product sales, equipped with WeChat store will become the trend of future development.

Huang Yuzhao after graduation, he took the company transformation, launched a fly printed receipt printer, the printer without using the network, as long as the received mobile phone signal can automatically print the documents, when used for ordering site confirmation: can consumers line fly to print out of order, including product information, place and time, the number of consumer consumption etc.. But online ordering industry profits are relatively thin, the threshold is low enough, flying the project itself is not how to make money. So Huang Yuzhao began to rethink the product, and while continuing to fly the project, Huang Yuzhao and his team launched the project in 2012.


WeChat Many WeChat

public platform recently launched the "WeChat store" function, to meet the developers to sell WeChat in the demand for commodities, and how to expand their influence into each WeChat store operator must consider the problem.

printed closely with WeChat features, and consumers can print photos very conveniently by printing. Indian beauties provide instant pictures and sound card printing services, users on the Indian beauties public account, send photos, photos can be achieved from Indian beauties hardware, equivalent to the trip photos. What’s new is that consumers can send…

"bad debt loss increased compared to 2015, mainly for the music as the accounts receivable individual provision for bad debt preparation", which is one of the four major reasons for the decline in the performance of Ho Ho electronics in 2016.

in the future, as the music can ease the capital chain will have an important impact on some enterprises, however, for listed company, and actively expand the customer base, to reduce dependence on a single large customer is the operation of the road".

March 31st, Howe Sound Electronic Music received payment of 39 million 353 thousand and 900 yuan companies received a total amount 44 million 353 thousand and 900 yuan, and put forward the case to the Shanghai international arbitration center. In addition, taking into account the remaining accounts receivable may be unable to recover, according to the remainder of the book accounts receivable value of the total amount of bad debt provision.

, investors have asked: "the music group owes to suppliers for really transparent, how much amount, payment is expected when, in what way?" in this regard, LETV replied: "according to the agreement between the listed company and the supplier payment system protocol, the rhythm of repayment repayment."

for LETV arrears, Haosheng electronic chose to apply for arbitration, the special media bluntly payment led to risk the high asset liability ratio, cash shortage; and the cloud of Huibo LETV payments receivable separate provision for bad debts.


April 28th afternoon, LETV 2016 performance briefing. Some media commented, "this two hours of performance will become an investor Tucao conference."."

talked about why Indian beauties such a product, Huang Yuzhao said he and the other co-founder that led to the popularity of smart mobile phone has swept the purikura camera disappeared, but the people on the digital imaging paper storage demand has never disappeared, so they think that a public photo printing equipment will be a the trend in the future.

Tencent technology reported on June 19th,

new board online statistics, the music is special media and other 10 listed company in 2016 the top five sales, the 10 listed company 2016 annual total sales amount of 317 million yuan. In addition, as the music appears in the 12 companies such as Jia media, listed company 2016 annual accounts receivable in the top five, the 12 listed company as music accounts receivable totaling 311 million yuan.

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