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on the wall of Liu Huan’s office hung a line of words. "The mountain is man-made peak, and the sword is beating the sky."". Text between Yao Jinbo revealed the recruitment of expectations and ambitions. Perhaps the sword is only the process, the sword is the result. As Yao Jinbo said, "we are standing in the future, looking now, standing on the moon, looking at the earth."."

in Yao Jinbo’s plan, recruitment is like a pioneer of the 58 group, recruitment and rental, recruitment and life services, recruitment and training, etc., are upstream and downstream relations. It can be said that recruitment is the entrance of the entire 58 platform user, the entrance of a person into the city. For example, a graduate student, his first impression of a city is from recruitment, and then there will be rental, life, services and other follow-up things."

, the past year 2016, was described by Yao Jinbo as "the year of digestion"". In 2015, after the merger of the fair market and the acquisition of the China talent network, the recruitment business entered the integration phase. From the team running in, the agent to change direct, to open up business lines and so on, Yao Jinbo made a drastic change.

, this is a team fight. Sitting in Beijing Dongsheng science and Technology Park office, 58 city vice president Liu Huan recalled the past year, the face of both excitement and bitterness, "there are too many stories."".

at the end of May this year, has been to produce a satisfactory report card: 58 city announced the first quarter ended March 31, 2017 unaudited financial report. Earnings show revenue of 1 billion 988 million 300 thousand yuan, an increase of 31.7%. Yao Jinbo stressed that the 58 group’s 58 city, Ganji, Chinese talent network and other recruitment platform has exceeded all professional recruitment sites, becoming the largest number of income and business recruitment platform.

merger two years, smoke no longer. The 58 group, CEO Yao Jinbo, enjoyed both success and excitement, as well as pains and loneliness.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

merger did not let him sit back and relax, entrepreneurship is like a game, you must have a bunker, a bunker to blow up.

Yao Jinbo and the 58 Empire behind him had staged ten years of "classified information war" with the fair". If in ten years, Yao Jinbo think the most is the company to live, can not be profitable, can financing ", but now he seems to want to know," what is the next challenge".

FlashMdy happy trip: a north-south interoperability software, to solve the problems of Netcom and telecom bottlenecks. Netcom users often find it very slow to visit a web site. What’s the reason? Very many websites use telecommunication lines, so you’re slow! Telecom users also often feel very slow to visit the Netcom website or play the CNC game! What are the bottlenecks in the mutual access between telecom and China Netcom?! And FlashMdy happy trip is solving this problem! Let everyone visit what station, play what game, have the same feeling flying.

need only visit the official website flashmdy/ to download our happy there are two old and new versions, with user habits, choose is green version, the new version of decompression can be used, open the login screen, enter your first registered good fast music bank account, select telecom users of telecommunications users. The user’s choice of Netcom Netcom users, and then choose yourself to enter the server after you can point a dial-up connection. Select the client telecommunications users of telecommunications users the old version of the installation package, the choice of Netcom Netcom client, and then enter the registration for a happy account, choice in the properties of the VPN server can log in. Registered account happy also in the official website, free registration registered users and VIP users registered two, free registered users can directly log on our free server, VIP registered users can choose their own love recharge recharge. The pleasure line is easy to use and does not need any settings. It can be regarded as the ideal choice for speeding up the communication between the north and the south.


earnings analysis at the first quarter of this year, recruitment has become a high frequency words Yao Jinbo mouth, was repeatedly mentioned eight times. Today’s job market, face competition in front of the old enterprise recruitment Zhaopin, qianchengwuyou, after a vertical segment platform pull hook, BOSS direct hire after catching up. At the beginning of this year, he adjusted the star, he released the recruitment business is the first bullet.

," Liu Huan lamented, "everyone in the team has a wolf."

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