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four, content optimization,

is more representative of the "on line" model, and certainly the entry of the giants. Not long ago, sh419 know hatching pay exchange platform "sh419 asked coffee quietly on the line, its products" in logic and is similar to the "high; and in fact, before sh419, public comment has also launched a similar function of expert platform. Of course, if the definition of "knowledge", many people also know from the April 1st release of the first product realization value between the body see "in the shadow, whether this is more like" scratch "the trick is to know almost commercial road or episode Overture, it will allow people to re start question: why do not know". "……

original article, will do fine and Jane, the article not only should be refined, and it should be brief, to the road, the stable and clever point, is called each one according to his lights. Simple words, not procrastination. Content rich, clear expression, fluent sentences and so on. This requires the next time, but also to the reader Huiyanshizhu, or it will be like the original article and cast pearls before swine, easier access to the search engine ranking.

A few days ago

two, the appropriate title

well, whether entrepreneurs or giants, when they come into the field of knowledge sharing, "good" has become their reference or benchmarking object. The reality is that, regardless of the number of cities or platforms open category, "in the line" are steadily expanding, in the shake off of a competing products at the same time, increasingly showing greater ambitions, the reasons for which it is worth pondering.

this article is from

is well understood, based on free internet connection is the dissemination of knowledge point to point upgrade from across the extensive, certain areas of the individual experts can break the organizational boundaries, to provide knowledge and skills to other people, the cognitive surplus cash, ordinary people can "Uber" to go to spend a huge cost to get professional information, on-line since April 22nd last year, less than a year old "in the" knowledge sharing platform become the market leader in the field.

web content optimization is one of the necessary steps in website promotion content, good content, not only to improve the search engine rankings, but also enhance the user conversion rate, increase website traffic, so how to optimize web content? Listen to Seoer Xiyuan slowly: < / p>


optimization of content optimization should pay attention to three small points: 1, the content of the beginning of the past and future, to attract users to better look at, and then summed up a strong ending. 2, the paper should be concise, not in length, and increase the number of words, the content is too long, not to let the user more mind reading, the 800 words, try to use the paging line, allowing users to see more comfortable, 3 visual content can reflect the essence of knowledge, let the user can learn from what. Feel what, rather than see not what feelings.

there is some of my own four is Seoer Xiyuan on how to optimize the content of the website, I believe we will have a better idea, optimize the content of the article, to the user experience as a benchmark, rich real content backing, to attract more visitors, improve search engine rankings at the same time, but also improve the website trust degree.

keyword density appears to be reasonable, appropriate, not to increase keyword density and wanton add keywords, can give the appropriate keyword link point, search engine to give these words related to the weight in the judgement of the correlation. The proposal keyword writing should go with the flow, reasonable, can not in order to highlight key words, and damage the user experience.

three, keyword density

The so-called

for the general content of the article, it is necessary to sum up the appropriate and appropriate title, title is not elegant, but not too vulgar, novel and attractive. Good title is a description of the core, play the key role, attractive title, but also remind users to click on the title to desire, but also contains the core keywords, search engine promotion more useful.

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and other "X", "good" mode is committed to supply two Huan — you know, in imparting knowledge and skills on this matter, a group of people trying to find a group of people that is the other hand, had just short of the bridge, but it is worth mentioning that, unlike most similar products based on the online communication, "good" selection of the bridge main line a "line" in December last year began to test the remote chat mode, but has a very high barriers to entry to the experts.

one, original article

well, almost all of the history of human education, knowledge dissemination has been

of course, there are many followers behind. To deep resources market in this intuitively, almost in a moment into the sea – "good" mode is nearly 100 entrepreneurial team copy, and different ways of "paste" to various vertical areas such as specially designed for students or business consulting, services, and some team fully online conversation based on the way so that they can quickly in a field expert SNARE even if only less than 100 people after rapid on-line.

was invited to Su Ning listened to a speech at the Kevin Kelly, a series of predictions for the future of commercial, the so-called "Uber for X" impressive, "go to one of the X industry, the industry of Uber" – 2015, in Chinese, to "row" on behalf of the "X" family adds newcomer: dissemination of professional knowledge and skills.

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