Goolge AdSense account is K ‘m gladDiscussion on profit model of small flow website


was confused by GG K account, and I’m glad


GG dropped my account at K on January 8, 2008, near K $100.

is the K account should be outrage, why am I happy? Because this thing to prove a theory of the monopoly interests behind the inevitable evil hands, only weak trampled. The third pole of fortune must change all this darkness.

this flow can also have these gains, I was satisfied. If you are a successful webmaster or a new station like me, I have some suggestions as follows:

1, if you are the first site, must learn to control the cost of the site. Cost control should pay attention to two aspects: first, do not be fooled, that is not good to buy some cheap virtual host; two, the money to spend, that is to buy a domain name I bought a new buy online, 138 yuan a year, whether the deal to understand people who give me some advice. From my experience, the domain name must buy, free space first on the line. This free space hangs, but also can find other, as long as the domain name to re parse it. The use of free space, the process should pay attention to the backup space files and backup database. Generally do not provide free space for backup, so here to introduce a package of tools online faisunzip, we choose to use it to space folder and file backup to package, and then downloaded to the local ftp. Database backup, if your web site source code /CMS backup function, it does not say; space back office database advanced management functions.

more than two points are enough. Do you need to give more examples? Long pain is better than short pain. Early K is better.

now has a lot of articles about SEO optimization, website ranking and website traffic. However, if you have done some work, but is not included, site traffic, whether you have discouraged? But if you although the website flow is small, but still see some income, you are not able to cheer up? This is the purpose of this paper, the flow of small, we have the same income. This is our reason to go on. As long as you stick to it, the flow will come up slowly, and the traffic will come up, and your income will be rolling in. The following experience does not involve any cheating!

traffic is small enough, 100IP did not, and sh419 did not included, it is called a garbage station. Look at my income,

1 is strong. That is to say to unwarranted K account, in order to protect the technological secrets excuse sacrifice any partners, including advertisers and publishers. Goolge AdSense seems to attach importance to the law behind the destruction of evidence and deception of the law.

2 procedures cumbersome. Phone verification and pin verification. After the Western Union payment was launched, PIN’s verification of mailing address was completely unnecessary. But Goolge AdSense still exists, to delay the time, longer bluff and deceive. Pin did not receive it, not because of poor postal service, but because it was not mailed at all.

, the third pole of wealth, releases the real potential of nature, society, and the human mind, and melts away all the dangerous situations that are dangerous.



two, the website source code /cms choice, first of all, I suggest that we use PHP procedures, according to my view, ASP are not. Then blog and web site choice, blog, I recommend using WordPress, do website, I recommend using phpcms. I talk about blog and website view: the blog can be very complex, with the content of love can write online, website, content classification must be clear positioning; blog program ping function, make it easier for you by shlf1314, compared with a weak website program.

, first of all, let me introduce my website, the basic situation of automation learning home

now there is a great deal of trouble with the functioning of this human society. Polarization between rich and poor is bad for anyone. The disadvantage of the poor is obvious. Why is it bad for the rich? Because the rich will not always be rich, and they will also become poor. In short, everyone is helpless, so it must be changed.

in January 9, 2008


below, analyze Goolge AdSense.

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