A college student Wangzhuan tripTaobao passenger a railway station still earning thousands of commis

              also, a woman only graduated from primary school to do what? I was very depressed, casually asked, there is no other Wangzhuan good introduction. She said, yes, I was introduced to vote. She says the salary is daily and very secure. I immediately registered an account, start working immediately. The second day early in the morning, and can’t wait to see the Alipay account. But look, the heart is cold

with grievances on the Internet around, inadvertently see a: "a primary school graduation webmaster play Wangzhuan" article. Remember what is the "Yiwu net" see, see immediately feel confident, you thought a woman only primary school can play, I cannot be a milord? So hurriedly with her . But N times, there was no response. Second days, when I want to add, I forgot her . Have no choice but to hit the title search. Unexpectedly, this search to the A5 to come. Not ah, will not be fake? A look: the time is July 8th, I saw in July 13th in Yiwu, that is to say this is the first original work, and she is here keep this information for 88la8 and other information. I just went straight to her forum and left a message for her. Unexpectedly, she contacted me soon, and told me that she didn’t understand anything, and the forum was built by software too.

just wanted to set up shop on Taobao. He posted some information on the Internet, said he wanted to act as a product agent, and then there was a manufacturer who made the silver. He contacted me and asked me to act as their agent. I see their company’s products, products that OK, relatively new, wanted to talk to them that website customer contact, but this person said only contact with him, I asked for a long time, say he was hesitant, he also want to earn extra money, take commission. Well, I can understand. After all, everyone wants to make more money. The economic crisis. So, my Taobao store opened the rash and too much in haste. But nobody was interested in half a month. I went to the other shop around, only to find someone else’s selling price is much lower than me, or even times, depressed, I have a low price to earn, this person gave me the wholesale price is too high, he did not have money. Consult with suppliers in case of no avail, I had to shut the shop.

two, the principle of designing description tags is that the content is not more than 250 characters, including spaces. Give the web page a reasonable and general description of the content so that the spider knows what you’re going to show. Key words reasonable use, appear 1-3 times can, don’t appear too high frequency. The description should not be too long and clear enough for OK.

I am a college student, with shortened the time of graduation, I became more and more afraid to go out, because the graduation run around here and there looking for work, now the students are working hard to find, let alone these small potatoes. Another reason is that parents do not give me a good family background, nor gave me a good point of appearance, but not a smart head, I have humbled myself to almost no door, two doors do not step. I heard that I could make money on the Internet, and I bought a more than 1000 point computer to stay at home and study day and night.

three, H1, H2, H3 and other tags, the picture ALT property requirements, pay attention to a web page, do not have repeated ALT description.

three, the beginning of the article, the tail highlighted keywords, including the connection in the text, that is, the so-called "chain", the chain of powerful site ranking must be good.

four, in the content of keywords, with bold display, bold not too much, one to two is better.

how to put the "grass set" keyword do sh419 ranked first? This will have to work hard, first of all, the following steps do well.

welcome our blog, some Taobao customers do stand experience and methods introduced today! Today is Taobao passenger station can also be earning thousands of commissions, or through the SEO way to achieve the optimization method, with the keyword "integrating" website this keyword competition is not very intense, it is worth novice to rob as an example! sh419 search keywords "grass collection", there is no sh419 promotion link, website weight in front of the row is a general query, integrating sh419 index close to 1000 index, ranked first in the day can bring about 100-200IP.

one, the title of the website must highlight key words, I want to do the station friends all know, generally one to three keywords best.

five, doing links and others, to improve a keyword ranking, such as: "I want to improve the keywords grass collection", and others in doing links when they don’t write the name, and should write grass collection, which I think is very important.

1. when links >

six, I generally control the density of keywords between three percent and eight percent, and personally think that a lot of different statements, depending on the circumstances.

seven, links note:

in the optimization of "integrating" at the same time, we can also put the long tail keywords grass collection "how" integrating website optimization up, there are more than 200 IP that day, however, so IP is basically set interested in grass, the vast majority are valuable IP, this kind of consumption possibility that brings us to the high commission, in accordance with the "grass collection" Taobao guest link 10%-20% commission to count to more than 200 people every day as long as you buy 2, daily income of 40-50 yuan, there are more than 1000 yuan a month. it’s just conservative calculation.

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