Chinese O2O how to become a survivor of the death gameHow do restore the shlf1314 Adsense account

, in a foreign country, live is very good.

is booming in Chinese Internet era, and a number of people one after another. Such as selling jujube in micro-blog’s old banyan had 8848 brilliant, the acquisition of IBM’s personal computer business Lenovo please Nicholas Tse endorsement FM365, the game of the 9 city is a community of happy net can grow in the vegetable is already dead efeelings……

abroad after another, from the Internet technology home let a lot of people excited, localization, launch, launch, operation, financing, refinancing, and then burn, burn…… At last they died, as the author of this article release date, still the same thing happening and circulation, but changed products and different modes of.

New products and new models of said it is tragic, do GG have more than two years, which only received a $121.12 money, who wants to, most of the time from November 1st to November 3rd, because Hangzhou Telecom DDOS attack, cause I can not open the site, November 3rd click on the rate as high as 5%. This situation is obviously not normal, I also informed GG the first time, but did not receive a reply. At noon on November 13th, I found that GG account can not be opened, and entered the application mailbox, there is GG to my letter, the content we have encountered, but is invalid click, there is nothing to say.

      I do GG has been very serious, never thought what cheating, invalid clicks may exist, but certainly not me, behind the times, a lot of people are afraid to leave your site, is the fear of someone malicious click, led by K.

      I had to defend my rights, so I wrote to GG.

      first letter:

      hello; what time do I have to talk about the account being disabled?:

      a large number of hits in 1 and November 3rd; on this issue, I have contacted GG staff by mail, and have not replied so far;

      2, I stood GG daily for the amount of 1.5 dollars, and to the end of November has been close to $100, not because of others’ click, and disable my account, cause I can’t get my lawful income;

      3; I have all the forms of advertising are reference GG help to put, and reference to other sites on the Internet for delivery, there is no compliance matters;

      4, if not for the above reasons, please write to inform, thank you.

      GG reply:

      thank you for your letter, if you can put a detailed description of your AdSense site, and put the specific reasons at the same time according to the change of https://s.shlf1314/adsense/support/bin/ Contact=invalid_clicks_contact& hlrm=zh_CN%E3%80%82 form to describe your explanation will help us to further confirm your problems for you.

In early

later, many domestic expert learned to imitate and beyond, mentioned ICQ and MSN, I am afraid that Ma Huateng died was almost sold 600 thousand OICQ, today. EBay is a backpack everywhere selling classified information pages ugly Ma counterattack.

recently popular models, called O2O, before I start writing, stationmaster persuasion: don’t write O2O, online everywhere this article. Yes, when a fresh mode of birth, the debate chatter without stop. They are part of a cycle, such as micro-blog: two years ago we are advocating micro-blog marketing, two years later, we are in bad mouthing micro-blog. Recently began advocating WeChat marketing, many Internet writer from a variety of products and models, so the drift, also experience the wind and rain, do not change the character of the fence.

O2O: product failure does not mean the failure mode of

, and now the Internet, there is always a group of crazy people, Chinese came to the Silicon Valley in the United States, and brought the advanced Internet technology and mode, they are at the end of last century, Chinese people to open the door to the front door of the treasure house, also created a lot of wealth myth, all kinds of advanced mode in foreign capital the market is also very popular.

        long long ago, there is a thing called ICQ, he later died in China market.

a long time ago, there is a thing called MSN, he later died in China.

O2O, online is such a definition: O2O Online To Offline is offline business opportunities in conjunction with the Internet, so the Internet has become the front desk the next line transactions. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use screening services online, and online transaction settlement, soon.

a long time ago, there is a thing called eBay, and later he died in Chinese.

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