A comprehensive summary of what the station optimization method

for a high quality Links is of great help to the weight of the station. Do Links should pay attention to what

‘s latest love Shanghai big update, many webmaster makes more and more feel constantly changing Shanghai dragon, how to make a new fast get good stable rankings? Obviously, this needs the webmaster of kernel station optimization continuously. The following is a summary of some methods according to the summary of my work in the station optimization, now for him to share, I hope to help you.


this is many webmaster will use, this practice will no longer describe homesick. But my suggestion is that if you stop doing the bidding in Shanghai love (love Shanghai) it should be a lot of released classified information, so do the bidding content on the home front, the classification of information as a supplement for customers more convincing. To this, remind you webmaster, classified information must contain the keyword of the website information, but also not too rampant, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. The release of classified information that is not widely released the effect will be good, we just need to find some good websites included rankings (also not only focus on a website can be released).

classified information

link station category, the best choice and their categories of the same or similar station station; try to find some weight of high standing; exchange links should pay attention to quality; use Links exchange platform to exchange links; consider Links included in the search engine and the number of backlinks; see each other is right to be reduced don’t cheat the history; Links station;


station quiz is a good method for the website, the customer is more convincing. But the station is not so easy to answer by, especially love Shanghai know a class, a little careless, will be the title or drop right. So in Shanghai know what sex good skills? I found love Shanghai for his own product is very easy to pass, so if we want to know in Shanghai has its own link, then the best way to Shanghai with love >

can do some simple independent blog or some third party blog like website links. Prior to this we must pay attention to keep some weight higher blog, blog is to know by raising the.



posted on the forums, clever use of personal signature for the chain is a powerful tool. But the content of messages to ensure to be included, this will have the effect, or to do is useless. It would be best to find some relatively high in the whole forum posting a lot. For the optimization of station is concerned, this is undoubtedly a rapid increase of the chain method is the best.

blog and the third party blog

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