Chiefs-Raiders get down and dirty one last time at Coliseum

first_imgALAMEDA — After playing their final Monday night game in Coliseum, another less glamorous farewell will take place against the Kansas City Chiefs.Farewell, infield dirt. The old cliche, “three yards and a cloud of dust” can be retired forever.When the Raiders host the Chiefs Sunday, it will be the last time the Coliseum has an NFL game with a dirt baseball infield. The Raiders leave town after Week 2 and aren’t back until Nov. 3 against the Detroit Lions. The World Series concludes Oct. 30, …last_img read more

Darwinism as All-Purpose Fiction Plot

first_img(Visited 43 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 No scientific rigor needed. Just say “It evolved.”As a presumed law of nature, Darwin’s mechanism of natural selection serves as an instance of Finagle’s Constant: “that quantity which, when added to, subtracted from, multiplied or divided by the answer you got, gives you the answer you should have gotten.” Darwinism, with its jargon like “selective pressure” and “evolutionary advantage,” transmogrifies any speculation into the appearance of scientific explanation so that Darwin’s story survives—no matter what—as the answer the scientist should have gotten. Here are some recent examples.Looking different to your parents can be an evolutionary advantage (PhysOrg). Look for the high perhapsimaybecouldness index in Darwinian explanations, like this one: “Looking different to your parents can provide species with a way to escape evolutionary dead ends,” a UK Darwinist said. But if it “can” provide a “way” it also “might” not provide a way. No matter what happens, the evolutionist could explain it as the result of selection pressure.Large human brain evolved as a result of ‘sizing each other up’ (Science Daily). This explanation dodges what Darwinian evolution is all about, claiming, “Humans have evolved a disproportionately large brain as a result of sizing each other up in large cooperative social groups, researchers have proposed.” Did humans size each other up on purpose? That would be intelligent design. The claim humans “have evolved” large brains serves only to provide affirmation to consensus ideology. But it also suggests that the scientists saying this are only sizing each other up, not trying to get to the truth.Mosquitoes boost body armor to resist insecticide attack (PNAS). The mosquitoes with more cuticle are more resistant to spray, just like shorter cave explorers are resistant to bumping their heads. Does the Darwinian angle explain where the cuticle came from in the first place? Does it enhance “our understanding of how insects evolve,” as the authors suggest? There’s a lot more to an insect than a given quantity of cuticle.Widespread adaptive evolution during repeated evolutionary radiations in New World lupins (Nature Communications). The authors of this paper admit, “The evolutionary processes that drive rapid species diversification are poorly understood.” That’s 157 years, mind you, after Darwin wrote about the origin of species. Nevertheless, these authors toss out phrases like “the evolution of perenniality” and “regulatory evolution” and “morphological evolution” as if they understand what they are talking about. They try to improve on Darwin’s story with a new tale of “accelerated Darwinian evolution” which, without rigor, reduces to a theory of “stuff happening faster.”How the snake got its extra-long body (The Conversation). This headline, in classic Kipling just-so-story form, promises a story for children (see also PhysOrg copy). John Mulley of Bangor University presents genetic experiments on mice that follow what happens when a developmental gene is artificially switched on and off. Mulley offers only “tantalizing glimpses,” since many genes for vertebrae development interact in complex regulatory networks. Mice develop more vertebrate if a certain Oct4 gene is left on longer than normal, but the mutants suffer a “trade off” in limb length that reduces their fitness. So are the mice becoming snakes? What would they eat, if not themselves? The story becomes a tale told:But the researchers were able to catch tantalising glimpses of regions of DNA that were the same between mice and snakes and that may be involved in regulating the Oct4 gene. This included some DNA that seemed to have been rearranged in snakes, possibly affecting their activity.Regulatory evolution of Tbx5 and the origin of paired appendages  (PNAS). A good work of fiction starts with a conflict. These scientists write, “Although paired appendages are important in performing complex movements, including swimming, burrowing, and flying, their evolutionary origin remains elusive.” Darwin to the rescue! They find a gene associated with paired fins, but how about that “evolutionary origin” they spoke of? Well, that Tbx5 gene “may have had its origins in Paleozoic jawless taxa,” they say. It “might be associated with the evolution of pectoral fins,” they say. A lot of things “may” or “might” have happened. Almost anything fits that kind of explanation.Tracing the evolution of bird reproduction (Science Daily). That phrase “the evolution of” warns that circular reasoning is approaching. Scientifically, the question should be, “Did it evolve?” These authors say nothing about mutation or selection. Instead, they line up dinosaurs and birds in an evolutionary row, place them on an evolutionary timeline, and turn on the black lights that make Darwin glow:What really did come first — the chicken or the egg? Birds’ reproductive biology is dramatically different from that of any other living vertebrates, and ornithologists and paleontologists have long wondered how and when the unique features of bird reproduction originated. A new Review in The Auk: Ornithological Advances examines answers from three sources — modern birds, fossils of primitive birds, and fossils of the dinosaurs from which birds are descended — to shed new light on the subject.This Mysterious Gliding Mammal Is a ‘Sister’ to Primates (Live Science). There’s no way Mindy Weisberger could know that gliding colugos are sisters to primates except by assuming they evolved, but even evolutionists themselves “have debated colugos’ lineage for the past century.” Genome comparisons, though confusing, “could help scientists develop a clearer picture of evolution in the earliest primates, the researchers suggested.” This storybook comes with pictures!Humans pack an efficient bite, but at a cost (PhysOrg). There’s a lot of wiggle room in this tale. The plot line, however (Darwinism), is inviolate. With Finagle’s Constant in the toolkit, though, you can have it your way like Burger King advertises.The researchers interpret our results to suggest that human craniofacial evolution was probably not driven by selection for high magnitude unilateral biting, and that increased jaw muscle efficiency in humans is likely to be a secondary byproduct of selection for some function unrelated to forceful biting behaviors. These results are consistent with the hypothesis that a shift to softer foods and/or the innovation of pre-oral food processing techniques relaxed selective pressures maintaining craniofacial features that favor forceful biting and chewing behaviors, leading to the characteristically small and slender faces of modern humans.Inspired by evolution: A simple treatment for breathing problem among premature infants: Device developed by UCLA scientists tricks newborns’ brains into thinking that they’re running (Science Daily). Everyone is happy when research helps infants. How much, though, does Darwinism contribute to the benefit? The connection is not clear, but it makes for a comforting story plot.As humans evolved over many thousands of years, our bodies developed a system to help us when we start running and suddenly need more oxygen. Now, using that innate reflex as inspiration, UCLA researchers have developed a noninvasive way to treat potentially harmful breathing problems in babies who were born prematurely.How, exactly, were the researchers “inspired by evolution” to intelligently design a device for infants?The device is a pager-sized box with wires that connect to small disks which are placed on the skin over the joints of the feet and hands. (Placing them on the hands is another nod to how the human body evolved: Early humans ran on all fours, so nerves in the hands are still involved in signaling the brain that the body is running.) Once the battery-powered machine is turned on, the disks gently vibrate, which triggers nerve fibers to alert the brain that the limb is moving.It’s not clear whether parents need to know the Darwinian backstory. They might just as easily assume that the reflex was designed for human infants who use all fours until they are mature enough to walk upright. Adults benefit from the reflex without input from the hands, so what does Darwin have to do with it?Ice age fashion showdown: Neanderthal capes versus human hoodies (New Scientist). We reported this story line last week (8/06/15); New Scientist added their take with a photo of a really stupid-looking Neanderthal model in a museum apparently not knowing how to dress for success. Of course, paleontologists don’t even know if Neanderthals were naturists or fancy dressers with furry parkas, even though they somehow survived the Darwin Fitness Challenge for hundreds of thousands of years (according to the storybook). The discovery of beads and ochre suggests that Neanderthals did have a sense for style. But the story goes on, in spite of that evidence. New Scientist pictures modern humans decked out with fancy duds, reinforcing the fictional story of evolutionary progress.Each culture has its gurus—the people in the know—who explain to the masses why things are the way they are. Darwinians provide the same function that Homer and Hesiod did for the ancient Greeks, only the Darwinians’ mythical gods are really dumb. Their gods of Mutation and Natural Selection only know two words, “Stuff Happens.” Instead of cavorting on Mt. Olympus, the Darwinian gods, and their agent spirits named “Selection Pressure” and “Evolutionary Force,” act blindly everywhere, doing whatever stuff the gods of Mutation and Natural Selection want to happen for the moment. When the spirits act fast, the gurus speak of “rapid diversification.” When they don’t act at all, the gurus speak of “evolutionary conservation.” The gurus can explain anomalies by adding new sub-plots, like “kin selection,” without sacrificing the main plot. They can insert magical elements by chanting spells conjuring up innovation, novelty, or adaptation, providing only enough detail to provide “tantalizing glimpses” so that peasants keep coming back for more. No matter what happens, the never-ending story provides a comforting sense of Enlightenment to the masses. In thanks for the Enlightenment, they continue offering their sacrificial gifts, and go away satisfied, knowing that the gurus have “shed light on evolution.”Black light is the perfect light for evolutionist gurus to keep the deception going. It makes things glow in the dark. What ruins the glow is sunshine, which they hate. That’s why Jesus said that people love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil (John 3:19). Darwinian black light gives an illusion of understanding while allowing people to go on committing their evil deeds. What’s more evil than denying one’s Creator? The overpowering bright light of truth is painful to those with dark-adapted eyes, so they scurry back into the cave, not because they think it’s dark, but because they think it’s light. They prefer the black light that provides a fluorescent, mesmerizing glow on their fictional fantasy story. They hate the broad-spectrum light that exposes the story as a sham.Come to the light, Jesus calls out to those who love truth (John 3:19-20).last_img read more

How to Replace 8 Ineffective Practices with Ones That Accelerate Growth

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now There are ideas a sales leader must refuse. Allowing these ideas to take hold can decelerate growth, distract the sales force from their real work, and result in a poor sales performance. They can also start a vicious cycle, a downward trend that is difficult to reverse.Allowing Sales Reps to Become Operators: There are always going to be people within an organization who will ask for help from the sales team. Reps do operational work when there are issues where a salesperson’s competency with customers can make the difference. While you want your players to be good teammates, you have to say “no” to the idea that your salespeople are responsible for work that belongs to operations or customer service or accounting. While they own the outcomes they sell, they do not own the transactions. When you allow your team to get mired in operation, you have effectively reduced the size of your sales force.Allowing a Change in Strategy: There are salespeople and sales managers and other leaders who would all have you change the company’s strategy from value creation to the lowest price. To many non-sales leaders, removing price as an obstacle is a way to win more new business faster. The danger in this line of thinking is the big client you want bad enough to compromise on your overall strategy is the first step on the slippery slope of competing on price. Once you say yes, you have established a precedent for all big deals that follow, and in doing so, you have allowed others to change the company’s strategy.Permitting a Lack of Direction: Leaders and managers want to hire people they trust and let them figure out what they need to do and how they should do it. Many fear being known as a micromanager, preferring a laissez-faire approach to leading and managing. As many people complain about not getting the direction they need as complain about micromanagement. You can not allow people to drift, without goals, and without strong guidance as to how they are supposed to reach those goals.Threats to the Culture: In every sales organization, there is a spiritual leader, the person who tells others what is good and right and true. When the person the sales team looks to for guidance in understanding their world is negative and cynical, you have a threat to your culture. Negative people influence others to become negative by suggesting that the challenges they have don’t lie within themselves, that it is external. They point to the company, the strategy, the leadership team, the product team, their clients, or their competition as the reason for their poor performance. Allowing these threats to continue without confronting them and removing the source assures your culture suffers.No Accountability: It’s challenging to maintain a cadence. It is hard to hold the regular meetings necessary to ensure accountability for results, week after week, month after month, and quarter after quarter. However, a little thing like skipping pipeline meetings that ensure you have enough new opportunities coming in leads to too few new opportunities. Allowing salespeople to go weeks or months without prospecting all but ensures they will have trouble in the future. The sales manager will share responsibility for an unfortunate result, but so will you, the sales leader who allowed a lack of accountability.Annual Changing of Their Approach: I have spoken at sales kickoff meetings for the same companies for three years in a row. In each of the three years, the sales force was provided with a new approach designed to accelerate their results. Never mind that they never did the work on the first change in strategy. Instead, they whipsawed the sales force, promising them this new approach is what is most important, only to change their mind less than twelve months later.Retaining Those Who Have Already Left: Some people have already left your company, they are just still showing up at their job. Their heart is no longer in their work, and they are biding their time, waiting for something better to come along. With their heart gone, their mind follows. They no longer do the work, and instead, they coast, hoping you don’t discover them. Selling requires too much of an individual to allow a person to go through the motions. You cannot allow someone who is not—or will not—do the work necessary to occupy a spot on your roster.Preferring Technology to Competency: There is an epidemic in sales organizations now. The illness is believing (or wishing or hoping) that technological solutions will produce faster growth. It’s easier to invest in technology than it is to build a force of value-creating, consultative, trusted advisors whom your clients will look at as peers. While you need to provide the sales force with the tools necessary to succeed, you cannot allow tools to be a substitute for teaching, training, coaching, and developing the sales force.Leading is never easy. There are always competing interests, and it is challenging to build and maintain a high-performing sales organization under the best of circumstances. As a leader, you are responsible for eliminating and replacing ineffective practices with better, healthier ones. Start with these.last_img read more

10 months agoMan Utd boss Solskjaer: De Gea save best I’ve ever seen

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Man Utd boss Solskjaer: De Gea save best I’ve ever seenby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hailed David de Gea’s wonder save for victory over Huddersfield.United won 3-1, though De Gea’s intervention came at a crucial moment.Solskjaer said, “The result was great. Obviously, you win the game and get three points. I think we started off slowly and maybe [it was] the whole occasion, we took one touch too many, we didn’t create too many chances early on but, after we got the first goal, I think we settled down, we passed it quicker. “There was a period just before half-time when you thought we would get the second here and it will be game over. In the second half, the first seven or eight minutes, I think we struggled then David’s save was the key moment for us. “You know every team, whatever game you are playing, if you are at home or away, they will get a chance because there is quality in all Premier League teams and that save must be one of the best I have seen – probably the best.” last_img read more

Harder to stomach Alberta premier says Trump attacks show need for pipeline

first_imgCALGARY – Alberta’s premier says the Trump administration’s recent attacks on Canadian trade show how necessary it is to go ahead with the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.Rachel Notley has taken aim at what she called reckless U.S. moves against Canada’s steel and aluminum industries.She told the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary that Canada needs to be strategic with its resources and not put all its eggs in one basket.Virtually all of Canada’s oil exports go to the United States and the Trans Mountain pipeline would enable sales to Asia via the West Coast.The federal government agreed last month to purchase the project from Texas-based Kinder Morgan, which had threatened to pull the plug because of political hurdles in British Columbia.Notley says the United States benefits from Canada’s failure to build a pipeline to a Canadian coast and get a better price for its product.“In these days, I’ve got to say it’s getting harder and harder to stomach, with reckless attacks on our steel and aluminum industries and reckless attacks on the hard-working people that those industries employ,” Notley said Tuesday.“I have a message to send to folks beyond this room, to British Columbia and to all Canadians: if the last days and weeks tell us anything, it’s that we, as Canadians, need to take control of our economic destiny.”Notley directed a few good-natured jabs at the Americans who came to Calgary for the annual energy industry trade show.“For our American guests, let me just say how brave it is for you to join us here in a country that represents such a hostile national security threat,” she said.“I should let you know, that there is in fact a battalion of Canadian geese assembling outside the doors. We’ve cleared the building of maple syrup and, in fact, if some of you are not really, really careful, we may make you drink your own beer.”last_img read more

Only BCCI can answer why I didnt play IPL last year

first_imgJaipur: The BCCI had acted voluntarily while banning Steve Smith and David Warner from last edition of IPL on ball tampering charges and the former Australian captain said that only the Indian board can answer why it panned out that way. Cricket Australia’s one year ban was from international cricket and the duo were well within their rights to a play domestic T20 league like IPL but the richest cricket board in the world decided to impose their own sanctions. Smith, whose one-year ban ends on March 29 will be available for Rajasthan Royals’ first game on March 25 but it will depend on the condition of his elbow. “I am available for all the matches and BCCI has to answer that why I was not allowed to play earlier,” Smith took a dig at the BCCI during a promotional event on Friday. Speaking after the jersey launch ceremony, Smith said that he was looking forward for the tournament. “It is exciting to be back on field and I am looking forward to the tournament,” he said during an announcement. With his international ban set to end on March 29, Smith will be eyeing good IPL in order to make it to the World Cup squad.last_img read more

11 killed in bar shooting in Brazil

first_imgRio de Janeiro: At least 11 people have been killed in a shooting at a bar in Brazil’s Para state, police said. The shooting took place on Sunday in the city of Belem when seven gunmen arrived at the bar and began shooting, Xinhua news agency reported. They killed six women, among them the bar’s owner, and five men, according to the Military Police. One person was injured and taken to the hospital. An investigation into the shooting was opened by the Civil Police’s Homicide Division, but the motive behind the shooting is still unknown.last_img read more

Urban Meyer event canceled due to unscheduled surgery

While members of the Ohio State football team continue the national championship celebration, an unexpected surgery for coach Urban Meyer prompted the cancellation of at least one event.Meyer’s scheduled appearance at the University of Findlay on Wednesday evening was cancelled due to a “previously unscheduled surgery,” a team spokesman told The Lantern on Wednesday.Reports surfaced Wednesday afternoon that the surgery was an emergency appendectomy.The spokesman said that Meyer could be out of the hospital sometime Wednesday, but there is a chance he will be held overnight.Meyer is scheduled to throw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium on Friday night. The spokesman said as of Wednesday morning, the plans are still intact for Meyer’s trip to New York.This is the second consecutive spring in which Meyer underwent a minor procedure. Last March, he had minor brain surgery to drain a cyst. He returned to practice the next day after that procedure.Meyer’s health problems when he was coaching at the University of Florida were well-documented as well, culminating in him resigning after the 2010 season. read more

Baseball Ohio State faces crucial Big Ten road test against Maryland

Ohio State junior infielder Conner Pohl (39) runs toward third base after a home run during the game against Michigan on April 12. Ohio State won 10-5. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorThis weekend poses the red-hot Ohio State baseball team with an opportunity to climb the Big Ten ladder and produce fireworks with its bats.Ohio State (21-17, 4-5 Big Ten) will travel to take on Maryland (18-19, 5-4 Big Ten) in a pivotal series for conference positioning. The Buckeyes will take their recent winning ways and big bats up against the struggling Terrapins. “We got a big series in Maryland this weekend to climb the standings in the Big Ten,” Ohio State head coach Greg Beals said. In order to improve their Big Ten record, the Buckeyes will look to keep their bats hot against a Maryland squad susceptible to the long ball.The Terrapins have surrendered 42 home runs this season; the weekend starters have contributed 15 to this total. The Buckeyes have launched 36 home runs on the season. Over the past six games, Ohio State has hit a homer eight times and scored an average of 7.33 runs per contest.“Everybody is just calm and relaxed right now, and it is a really good feeling going into the weekend,” Ohio State junior right fielder Dominic Canzone said. Maryland will come into the weekend on a two-game losing streak. The Terrapins will turn to their best pitcher on Friday to try to get out of their recent rut. Senior pitcher Hunter Parsons has excelled for Maryland. The Friday starter has a 2.95 ERA and has averaged more than seven innings pitched per start. Parsons has a 6-2 record on the season and a 3.06 strikeout-to-walk ratio. Senior John Murphy has made a team-high 16 appearances and has a 3.66 ERA with seven saves. He has struck out 31 batters in only 19.2 innings of work. On the offensive side, the Terrapins have struggled to find consistent hitting. The team is hitting a combined .235 batting average, while having only one player hitting above .275. Maryland freshman first baseman Maxwell Costes has carried the torch for the offense. Costes leads the team with a .281 batting average, and also has 30 RBI and six home runs on the year. Maryland, like Ohio State, has the ability to hit the long ball. The Terrapins have hit 37 home runs, but the Ohio State pitching staff has only allowed 22 home runs on the year. The Buckeyes have settled in these past six games. After dropping five consecutive games, they have responded by winning five of their past six. “I think we are moving in the right direction, and just keep that momentum going as much as we can,” redshirt senior senior pitcher Thomas Waning said. Ohio State will open the series against Maryland Friday at 6:30 p.m. in College Park, Maryland. This will be followed by a 2 p.m. game Saturday and a 1 p.m. finale on Sunday. read more

Hummels We gave them two gifts as goals

first_imgBayern Munich’s Mats Hummels was left to rue the two goals that they had conceded against Real Madrid during the second leg of their semi-final tie in the Champions LeagueThe Bundesliga champions were eliminated from the competition on Tuesday night with a Karim Benzema brace providing to be the decisive factor between the sides in their 2-2 draw at the Santiago Bernabeu.Speaking after their exit, Hummels was left to lament the defensive errors that had cost them dearly with goalkeeper Sven Ulreich’s mistake giving Real their second goal on the night and Bayern also made mistakes in the first leg at Munich last week.“Over the two games we gave them two gifts as goals,” said the defender, according to Football-Espana.rb leipzig, bayern munichReport: Bayern are held by Leipzig George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Bayern Munich was held to another draw, this time by RB Leipzig.Bayern Munich finds themselves in the unfamiliar position of sitting third in the…“Real didn’t play at their maximum at all.“This hurts a lot, we had loads of chances in their area. We did manage to score twice but this was one or two less than we merited on the chances we created.“We were the more dangerous side but they made less grave mistakes. But we made a game of it without Arjen Robben, Kingsley Coman, Manuel Neuer, Jerome Boateng and Arturo Vidal.”last_img read more