Need a ticket to Warriors’ playoff opener vs. Clippers? You’re in luck

first_imgAlthough the anniversary of the Warriors’ first ever playoff game in Oakland was on April Fool’s Day, they’re not commemorating it with a joke when they say tickets are still available for Saturday night’s playoff opener against the Clippers.A Warriors spokesperson said tickets for Saturday night’s Game 1 can still be purchased through at In fact, if you’re looking to head to Oracle Arena to attend any of Golden State’s home games during their final postseason at …last_img read more

Top things we learned at 49ers HQ on Wednesday

first_imgSANTA CLARA — Jimmie Ward’s collection of broken bones and strained muscle seemed to embody the 49ers’ pain and suffering since his 2014 arrival. Times are different. Ward is healthy, he’s making plays and the 49ers are off to a 5-0 start.Sweet redemption?“No. We haven’t proved anything,” Ward said Wednesday. “I’ve only played in two games. We’re 5-0, that’s cool, but we still haven’t done anything yet.“Maybe if you catch me later on in the season and we’re in the playoffs and we win some …last_img read more

Cartoon: The Worm Has Turned

first_imgLast week’s flurry of Twitter DM spam from hacked or phished accounts wasn’t the first instance of that and won’t be the last.As long as people are willing to trust their Twitter log-in information to third parties – and don’t look carefully at URLs before they log into websites – and as long as a small number of bad actors want to pee in the social media swimming pool, this kind of thing will continue happening.And it’s not just the’s of the world you have to worry about. Legitimate third-party services whose security isn’t up to snuff could be compromised, and your credentials could be stolen from them. Twitter’s use of OAuth is a big step forward… although the rash of Mobster World spam shows that that isn’t a perfect solution either.Apparently there’s no substitute for ruthlessly and constantly policing your own feed, thoroughly investigating services before you sign up for them, double-checking the URL every time you are about to enter info into a form, and regularly purging your OAuth settings of services you no longer use.Also, to be safe, change your password regularly… you don’t have to be obsessive about it: every three hours or so should be enough. And because erring on the side of caution is always a good idea, fake your own suicide and change your identity at least once a year.And you thought Twitter was going to be fun? Slacker. Related Posts 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… rob cottingham More Noise to Signal. 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout Tags:#Cartoons#web 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex…last_img read more

Dissecting the Hipster Look

first_imgTake an ironic look at ‘hipster’ style color grades.With Instagram being over 4 years old I think it’s safe to say hipster style photography and filmmaking is more than just a fad. Although a ‘hipster look’ can add some style to your videos, many filmmakers don’t think through their color grading process any deeper than simply adding a preset. In the following post we’ll take a deeper look at the characteristics of a Instagram/hipster color grade, how it mimics the look of some analog film, and demonstrate a potential workflow for achieving this look.What is the Hipster lookInstead of simply telling you what makes up the hipster look i’d rather show you. In the following examples we will break down the color grade for each image and try to find similarities between them. All of these examples are what I would call “good” hipster grades, but like most artistic things, it is subjective. Examine these images yourself. If you see anything that I missed please share in the comments below. So let’s get started:Hipster HikeHipster Hike is a video created by Caleb & Sawn on their Vimeo channel. The video is a really great example of a good hipster color grade. The following image is a still taken from ‘Hipster Hike’.Let’s breakdown this image:1. There is little detail/information in the black areas of the image 2. The white areas aren’t white but a greyish/yellow. 3. There is more blue in the dark to mid-tone areas. 4. None of the colors are very vibrant 5. Both edges of the frame are dark 6. There is noise in the image 7. It is an altogether soft image no sharp edges.I Am Not A HipsterThis is a still from the movie trailer “I am Not a Hipster”. A great movie that ironically uses a hipster grade. Classic hipsters…Let’s breakdown this image:1. Blacks aren’t completely black they are actually a dark grey. 2. Whites are yellow/grey 3. There are no vibrant colors 4. Nothing is incredibly sharp 5. Even though most of the frame is dark there isn’t a lot of detail in the dark part of the imageUnsplash Image by Dustin ScarpittiThis image created by Dustin Scarpitti of VSCO is a great example of a hipster color grade in modern photography. Unsplash is also a great place to get free stock images.Let’s breakdown this image:1. There’s a vignette around the image 2. The whitest parts of the image are yellow/orange 3. The blacks aren’t all the way black 4. The image is altogether soft 5. The image isn’t very vibrantCommon ThemesNow that we’ve looked at a few examples lets talk a little about some of the similarities.1. VignettingMost if not all hipster color grades photographs feature vignetting in some form or fashion. Sometimes vignetting is created simply from the layout of elements in your scene and sometimes it needs to be added in post.2. Crushed BlacksMost hipster style images feature more detail information in the midtones and highlights and less in the black parts of the image. This is known as crushing the blacks.3. White is GreyHipster photography typically maps the white parts of the image to be more grey. This often results in hipster grades making the image darker than it originally was.4. Blacks are Dark GreyAfter the blacks have been crushed they are usually lifted to become dark grey instead. This makes the entire image look more ‘milky’.5. Blues in the Darks, Yellows in the LightsMost hipster grades feature more blues in the darker parts of the image and more yellows in the lighter parts of the image. Keep in mind that these are usually subtle tweaks that complement the image, not take away.6. DesaturationMost hipster photography and filmography doesn’t have vibrant colors. This is probably because hipster grades try to emulate film which is simply not as vibrant as digital cameras, especially if it has time to decompose. The most vibrant parts of hipster images tends to be in the yellows and the magentas.7. The Image is SoftAs you probably already know digital cameras tend to be much more sharp when compared to film cameras. Sharp video isn’t common in most hipster color grades as it makes your image look too mechanical. You can fix this by adding small blurs and noise to your images.Hipster Grading in ActionSo now that we’ve broken down what makes up a hipster grade lets take some of the things we learned and apply them to an actual photograph in After Effects.1. Create a VignetteThe first step is to add a vignette to the image. In this particular case it seems like there is a lot of brightness in the left area of the frame and a little too much attention being drawn to the guys arm. To fix this problem we will create a new black solid and drop the opacity down to 30% so we can see our image underneath. I typically like creating my vignettes using the pen tool. I also don’t like simply making making my vignettes a ellipse. Once you make your vignette you’ll have to feather it out until you get a well balanced image.2. Crush the BlacksCreate a new adjustment layer and add a levels effect. After Adding the levels. Now grab the left arrow and drag it to the right until the dark parts of your image are crushed. Also, make sure your adjustment layer is positioned over your vignette.3. Adjust the White PointNow add a curves effect to your image. Let’s bring down the white points so that they are light grey instead of white. You can do this by simply drawing the top right corner of the RGB curves bar down and to the left.4. Adjust the Black PointNow let’s do the opposite for the black parts of the image. Grab the bottom left point in your curves effect and drag it up and to the right. This will make your black points a shade of grey rather than simply black.5. Adjust the Blue CurveYou can add yellows to the highlights and blues to the darks by adding an “S” curve to the blue channel. To do this simply click the dropdown box that says RGB and select blue. Now you can adjust the curves to create a backwards “S” shape in the image.6. DesaturateNext add in the “Hue/Saturation” effect to the adjustment layer. Bring down the saturation point just a little. I find that a number around -10 works nicely.7. SoftenMost digital images tend to be sharp and mechanical to fix this we need to soften up the image. Simply adding a gaussian blur and setting the blurriness to “1” will work just fine.There you go! Using just a few simply observations we can create a hipster style image in no-time. Try playing around with these different effects to get different results. Adding things like grain and light leaks can give your images a hipster look as well. You can find a few grains for free in our ’10 Free Film Grains for Video Editors’ post.This is of course just one example of how photographers and filmmakers give their images a hipster style. If you want to learn more about doing hipster style color grades check out the following resources:Hipster Color Grading – ISeeHueLuster Grade Presets – CineBlurAmazing MBL Color Grading – MBLHave any other tips for creating a hipster look? Share in the comments below.last_img read more