What can really be done against impunity? Show time!

first_img RSF_en November 23, 2013 – Updated on January 20, 2016 What can really be done against impunity? Show time! to go further Organisation News Explaining the situation to Cambodians should become the role of reporters again, together with a whole generation young people working in the media industry. Every citizen asking for an explanation should be able to find an answer and none of them should be begging for justice. This is not a matter of “culture”. It is one of respect. People cannot die silently, for nothing. What can really be done against impunity? Show time! For the past twenty years, eleven journalists have been killed and none of the perpetrators have been brought to Justice. The case of reporter Heng Serei Oudom, found dead in the truck of his car last year after he was hacked six times, is one more example of the culture of impunity that still prevails in Cambodia. In this case, two suspects were found, one admitted to be aware of the killing, the trial demonstrated the killing happened in their house but the judge did not have enough evidence of their culpability. Both of them were released last August. They stayed almost a year in prison and this is the longest punishment one has seen so far for the killing of a journalist in Cambodia. There is also the possibility that these two suspects are only scapegoats. Google experiments drop Australian media from search results Pa Ngoun Teang, Executive Director – CCIM & Clothilde Le Coz, Correspondent – RSF February 24, 2021 Find out more The most recent high-profile case was the murder in 2008 of Khim Sambo. Just two weeks before the national elections and after criticising high-ranking officials in the incumbent Cambodian People’s party, the opposition-affiliated newspaper journalist was shot and killed by two men on a motorbike. No one was arrested. Was he killed for nothing? Did anyone take his work over? RSF decries Cambodian plan for Chinese-style “Great Firewall” For these reasons and because it is urgent, we are asking the government to organize a meeting with local and international NGO and institutions representatives to debate about access to information and the role each one should play in it. It is not about drafting another law that will not be implemented. It is about knowing what Cambodia wants to know. We know how to do it; the government needs to start explaining. January 21, 2021 Find out more Help by sharing this information CambodiaAsia – Pacific And now, activists and a generation of fearless young journalists are taking over the role of informing people worldwide about their situation. And it works. In 2013 only, three Cambodian citizens were awarded international prizes for their work. For the past two year, the ASEAN chairmanship and the elections of the National Assembly gave the opportunity to expose Cambodia worldwide. But what will happen next year to make the international community bother about the situation? Cambodians need to know and have that right. Independent media is about all of this; telling what is not otherwise told but also making it possible for the media to do so without any conflict of interest. At Voice of Democracy, it is a daily challenge that reporters are overcoming. But they are not the only ones. Yorm Bopha is also part of them. It is the duty of journalists to inform and NGOs to defend, fight and promote. Follow the news on Cambodia CambodiaAsia – Pacific But today, Cambodia counts over 3,000 NGOs. This makes more than 1 for Cambodian people. While it should be reasonably doable to help, it sometimes creates a cacophony as everyone has an agenda. As a result, the information flow is now complex for too many purposes. Civil society actors need to agree on. This can be done, for example, by accessing more information and compare it to other. Organizations, such as Reporters Without Borders, need steady accounts from the ground to be able to step in and advocate at an international level. There too, resources and funds are limited. Local partners are crucial in getting verified information to this level. When public service does not exist, sharing information is crucial; it is not only about the fact that some people do not speak out, it also linked to the fact that Cambodian people are still among the poorest in the world, their lands are grabbed, their forest is lost and their natural resources will be scarce if impunity is not stopped. News December 28, 2020 Find out more Reporters Without Borders and its partner organization, the Cambodian Centre for Independent Media (CCIM), have written a joint op-ed on impunity in Cambodia that is to be published in the Cambodia Daily newspaper tomorrow, International Day to End Impunity.Cambodia fell 26 places in the 2013 Reporters Without Borders press freedom index from its position in 2012, and exhibits an unacceptable level of impunity as regards threats and physical violence against journalists. News Receive email alerts Journalists are not the only victims of crimes going unpunished as a result of impunity. In 2013, dozens of people have been brought to the court simply because they were speaking too loud. Yorm Bopha is one of them.The clock reversed: instead of bringing culprits to courts, the police arrested their victims. This is possible when one knows he can get away with it and nobody will denounce it. Some journalists have been censoring themselves for a long time. Therefore, they stopped publishing the reports that matter. Have you noticed? Some of the best reports are made by local and international NGOs thanks to their local partners. Not necessarily by newspapers and journalism. Of course, constraints of time are playing. But in Cambodia, constraints of ownership, fear and capacity are also part of the game. The rampant impunity in Cambodia shows the government and the powerful have no intention to respect the rule of law or protect human rights. Cambodian journalist gets 20 months in jail for livestream Newslast_img read more

Soldiers overrun media company to suppress story about army raid on police station

first_img News February 26, 2021 Find out more Help by sharing this information Organisation News Soldiers stormed the building of 14 October, a national media company based in Al-Ma’ala, in the southern province of Aden, on the evening of 21 April in order to seize the latest issue of Al-Tariq, a daily newspaper it publishes. The building remained surrounded until yesterday morning.“What happens in Yemen is hallucinating,” Reporters Without Borders said. “Not a day goes by without a news media being attacked or a journalist being kidnapped, arrested or convicted.” The raid in Al-Ma’ala took place just as President Ali Abdallah Saleh was ordering the release of three executives of Al-Ayyam, a daily newspaper based in the city of Aden.The soldiers who overran the 14 October building searched all the vehicles parked outside, including that of publisher and chairman Ahmed Al-Hubaish, in order to confiscate that day’s issue of Al-Tariq, which had a story about a raid by soldiers on a police station the previous afternoon in the nearby town of Al-Tawahi.According to Al-Tariq’s report, the raid on the police station was probably an act of revenge for a dispute between a police and a soldier during an operation to remove illegally-built homes on a hillside outside Al-Tawahi. The newspaper also offered the alternative theory that is was prompted by an argument between a soldier and a policeman in the town’s market (http://www.attariq-ye.com/).Al-Tariq’s office in Al-Tawahi was seized by the army on 21 February because the newspaper had referred to the situation in south Yemen as an “occupation.” As a result, it had to suspend operations for two weeks.The three senior members of Al-Ayyam’s staff whose release was ordered by the president were journalist Hani Bashraheel, who edits the sports edition, director Mohamed Bashraheel, and secretary-general Arhab Hassan Yassine. They were arrested during an army raid on the newspaper’s headquarters in early January (http://en.rsf.org/yemen-arrest-of-editor-in-chief-of-al-08-01-2010,35675.html). Hisham Bashraheel, the newspaper’s founder and owner, who had been arrested at the same time, was released on 24 March on medical grounds (http://en.rsf.org/yemen-two-journalists-freed-on-health-25-03-2010,36836.html).The press freedom situation in Yemen has been worsening steadily since May 2009. (Read the latest report: http://en.rsf.org/yemen-yemeni-media-and-journalists-20-04-2010,37080.html) YemenMiddle East – North Africa Fixer for foreign reporters held in Aden for past five months April 23, 2010 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Soldiers overrun media company to suppress story about army raid on police station Yemeni journalist killed, nine wounded in Aden airport explosions Receive email alertscenter_img News United Nations: press freedom situation “deeply worrying” in Yemen, according to RSF YemenMiddle East – North Africa February 11, 2021 Find out more to go further Follow the news on Yemen January 6, 2021 Find out more RSF_en Newslast_img read more

On the Town Cancels Week of Performances on Broadway

first_img In addition to Yazbeck, Johnson and Alves, the cast includes Alysha Umphress as Hildy, Megan Fairchild as Ivy Smith, Elizabeth Stanley as Claire, Jackie Hoffman as Madame Dilly, Michael Rupert as Judge Pitkin and Allison Guinn as Lucy Schmeeler. The Broadway revival of On the Town will cancel six performance this spring due to a scheduled event at the Lyric Theatre. Performances scheduled for May 7 through May 12 have been scratched; additional evening performances will now take place on May 4 and May 17. First seen on the Great White Way in 1944, On the Town features music by Leonard Bernstein and a book and lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. It follows the adventures of three sailors (Tony Yazbeck, Jay Armstrong Johnson and Clyde Alves) on leave in New York City. Based on the ballet Fancy Free by Jerome Robbins, the musical’s toe-tapping numbers include “New York, New York,” “I Can Cook Too,” “Lonely Town” and “Some Other Time.” View Comments Related Shows On the Town Show Closed This production ended its run on Sept. 6, 2015last_img read more