That special BOLT

first_img ‘A GREAT FEELING’ “I never knew I would ever do this, so it’s a great feeling to have accomplished this feat also and to let people be in my life and get to understand who I am and to really be inspired by this movie because that is what I want them to do,” Bolt told The Gleaner last night. “When I watched the movie, it was so good, I could feel the emotions all over again,” Bolt added, while sharing his approval of the work done by directors and brothers Benjamin and Gabe Turner. “It’s like I was reliving my life again and that’s why I am so pleased about what they have done. They have captured everything and I know when people watch this they will understand. I want people to see the struggles and the pain; just the stress and have more insight in my life.” Bolt, who noted that he is looking to continue serving track and field in another capacity once he retires next summer, also notes that he will also commit more time to his charity work once that time comes. The triple world-record holder is clearly already in the departure lounge – one eye on closing his career on top and the other on life without the obligations of professional competition. It’s a topic, like many others, that he discusses quite freely in his movie. Nonetheless, Bolt assured that there is no lack of obsession where winning is concerned as he explained his decision to run for another year, despite his summit at the Olympics. “It’s mostly for the fans, but this year there is no pressure. I am much more relaxed. My coach and I will discuss it and we will change my training regime so it won’t be as intense as usual. It’s mainly because of my fans why I am coming back. There are a few people like some friends, and so forth, who have never really seen me compete, so I am giving people a chance to come see me competing at my last championships, or maybe in Jamaica when I run there for the last time and stuff like that. So it’s mainly for the fans,” Bolt said. “I’ve always said London is a good place to untie my shoes. I came (for) the Olympics and it was just magnificent, so I know the energy that they are going to bring to the World Championships and I am looking forward to it. It’s a good place to retire, I don’t know if it was somewhere else if I would go but it’s in London and that’s a good thing,” he added. “I never want to lose even in a simple board game, but even though I say I am just going out there for my fans, I still want to go out there and do my best. I just won’t be under so much pressure, I have to win, but there is less stress and less pressure,” Bolt said. “I am always going to be prepared, no matter how relaxed I might be I am still a competitor and I still never want to lose so I’m definitely going to train hard. We are just going to find a less hard way to work and be more efficient.” Bolt, who started training three weeks ago, is heading to Germany for his usual pre-season assessment with Dr Hans-Wilhelm Muller Wohlfahrt, and is due in Monaco later this week for the IAAF Athletics Awards, where he is one of three finalists for the Male Athlete of the Year Award. I Am Bolt is now available for digital download and can also be seen on Blu-ray and DVD. LONDON, England: Usain Bolt described last night’s premiere of his I Am Bolt documentary as a special accomplishment, and is hoping that the film, which is already receiving positive feedback, will give an insight into the work behind his success. The sprinter also used the occasion to explain his decision to continue his career into next season’s World Championships, while noting that he will approach the year with less burden on his shoulders. Bolt, who also said that he is looking forward to a much more relaxed season in 2017, warned his rivals that this is not an invitation for them to get too confident as he looks forward to closing the curtain on his career at next year’s World Championships in London. I Am Bolt, the all-access documentary, was fully introduced to the world at a star-studded premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square cinemas in London’s West End, with some of Britain and the world’s biggest hitters in television, music, and sports sharing the red carpet with the nine-time Olympic champion.last_img read more