APNU/AFC Government is not fostering social cohesion

first_imgDear Editor,The Ministry of Social Cohesion was initiated in 2015 after the APNU/AFC coalition Government assumed office. The formation of this specific ministry remains mysterious, since President David Granger’s intended objectives are still not evident. Certain key elements must be adhered to in order to have social cohesion.Providing citizens with the proper space to voice their concerns is fundamental to the creation of a sustainable, socially cohesive society.Social cohesion is enhanced by an inclusive, coordinated, policy-making process. It brings in the views of all stakeholders involved, from the conception of these policies to their implementation, then to the final beneficiaries. Policy- making also needs to be more evidence-based in order to foster social cohesion.A socially cohesive society is one which works towards the wellbeing of all its members; fights exclusion and marginalisation; creates a sense of belonging; promotes trust, and offers its members the opportunity of upward mobility. The harnessing of civic participation and political feedback mechanisms is essential for positive and continuous growth in social cohesion. This is particularly true in the context of shifting wealth, which quickens economic growth and social dislocation, and requires innovative responses.The process of policy-making is as important as the policies themselves for building social cohesion. Inconclusive democracy is vital to craft important policies such as the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF), since new oil resources that will be available soon would be invested in social development, and as such, Government must rethink social and economic policies to ensure all citizens have a voice by fostering civic participation and strengthening democratic institutions.The important question is if the APNU/AFC coalition Government is promoting social cohesion. This Government is definitely not interested in any of the basic components to foster social cohesion. The formation of the Ministry of Social Cohesion is to ensure that political parties in Government benefit from the resources that are being allocated for the fostering of social cohesion. Numerous example can be highlighted to substantiate these claims.Regards,Zamal Hussainlast_img read more