Who Left Dead Baby on Kru Town Beach?

first_imgWhat parent would abandon the dead body of their child on a beach and at the mercy of predatory birds?That was the question being asked by residents near City View Beach in New Kru Town yesterday when the dead body of a baby boy was discovered in the early hours of the day.The baby boy was in his diapers and covered with a tee-shirt with the lower part of the body concealed in what someone described as a ‘young lady’s brown hand bag.’There was foam at the mouth of the infant and further investigation did not reveal any beating marks on the body.There was no forensic investigation on the nature of death, but it would seem that the boy had not been dead for many days.he hand bag and its cargo lay at the edge or near a pool of isolated water at the tributary of St. Paul River and the Atlantic Ocean, inside New Kru Town.Though there were no tears in the eyes of people, mostly women, who thronged the scene, many expressed anger at the ‘wicked’ mother, who would treat her child with such apparent lack of human decency.Residents interviewed by the Daily Observer did not know anything about the child nor its ‘wicked’ mother, neither could we locate anyone with any slight knowledge of the nfortunate child.The news of the discovery of the infant’s body spread like wild fire as many residents streamed to the scene to have a glimpse of the ill-fated childMany people speculated that the mother could be a teenager who might have been struggling with the child.“And the father also could be another teenager,” another said.Considering such a combination, many cried out against illicit and unchecked sexual relations between teenagers that result in unwanted pregnancies.For several hours during the Daily Observer’s presence, only civilians poured in their numbers to witness the tragic scene and there was no information about any investigation by anyone to find out who the parents are or what might have been the cause of the infant’s death. The infant’s death, many said, demonstrates the failure of the Liberian society to manage the family unit.“All over our communities,” said another woman on the scene, “young women and men are sharing themselves without regard to what could come in the future.”Others blame the harsh economic realities in the country where many parents are unable to provide for their teenage children, and as a result, allowing them to make decisions that would mortgage their future forever.Many others complained about the lack official response, against the Liberia National Police whenever such an incident occurs.“The police don’t care about such incidents,” one resident complained. “They are supposed to be here to control matters.”Officers at the New Kru Town Police Depot carried out their activities as usual and because they are not authorized to speak to the media, none of them risked speaking with this reporter.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more