What is the Most Useless Gadget of 2010

first_imgAll said, Microsoft’s plucky little Kin wasn’t a terrible product, so much as one that no one really wanted. It was priced like a smartphone, but offered up the functionality of a feature phone, and was eventually crippled out of existence by its carriers.iPod nano (6G)A rare misfire on Apple’s part, the latest version of the nano robbed the device of functionality, rather than adding it. The music player lost a camera and video playback, in favor of a tiny screen and a small form factor that made it all the easier to lose the thing between couch cushions.Google BuzzOkay, it’s not technically a gadget, but this half-hearted attempt at social networking wasn’t quite the Facebook killer people were hoping for–and those early Gmail security concerns certainly didn’t help matters much. We also considered the not-so-dearly-departed Google Wave, a product that was killed by a combination of overhype and utter confusion, but unlike Wave, people understood Buzz–they just didn’t like it.JooJooBorn in a storm of TechCrunch-fueled controversy, this “iPad-killer” beat Apple to the punch in terms of an announcement date, but failed on every other front. The device was buggy, had no built-in memory, was heavy, had no multitouch support, and was crazily overpriced, starting at $499.TV HatCombining the forward thinking fashion sense of an apiarist with the viewing habits of aggressively anti-social shut-ins, this was arguably the only product pointless enough to make people forget about the Snuggie. <a href=”http://bheater.wufoo.com/forms/z7x4a3/” title=”Untitled Form” rel=”nofollow”>Fill out my Wufoo form!</a>Microsoft Kin It’s nearly the end of the year. There are two ways to go about this. We can either present you with a list of the year’s best gadgets, highlighting all of the wonderful innovations that have come out in the past year–or we can go the other way with it. I ask you this: which route sounds more fun?With that in mind, we present to you the finalists for Gearlog’s first annual “Most Useless Gadget of the Year.” I did a quick informal tally and gathered together some candidates for the list, four in all. If you don’t see your (least) favorite on there, don’t worry, you can always fill it in on the poll or send me your candidate via Twitter (@bheater).After the jump, a poll–and a little bit about each candidate. last_img read more