Nexus 7 cost pegged at 152 by iSuppli

first_imgJust yesterday, a report from UBM Tech Insights stated that Google’s cost to build the Nexus 7 tablet was around $184 — just $15 shy of the street price. However, it appears that their analysis was done without having their hands on an actual Nexus 7. iSuppli has now offered up a full teardown and pinned the Nexus 7 bill of materials at just $151.75.That’s for the 8GB entry-level model. The $249 16GB Nexus 7 costs Google $159.25, meaning that extra 8GB of NAND flash runs about $7.50. That works out quite well for Google, since it gets an extra $50 when a customer opts for the extra capacity — the case is the same with pretty much every smartphone or tablet when it comes to internal storage bumps, of course.If iSuppli’s numbers are on the mark, Google has $48.25 left over from each 8GB Nexus 7 –and just under $100 from each 16GB — to cover any related non-marketing costs. Those aren’t Apple-style margins by any stretch, but they’re still margins.iSuppli also made some interesting discoveries when they tore down the Nexus 7. The tablet’s gyroscope and accelerometer, for example, are part of a single chip. That’s not typically the case with smartphones or tablets, and iSuppli’s Andrew Rassweiler said that he’s only found a similar setup in the Samsung Galaxy S3.It’s rather mind-boggling to think that the Nexus 7 costs less than $20 more to produce than the Kindle Fire. Google throws in a quad core chip, higher-resolution display, NFC, and a camera, and that’s pretty good bang for your buck.More at All Things Dlast_img read more