Bill Gates and his 82inch Perceptive Pixel Windows 8 tablet

first_imgThe original Microsoft Surface was supposed to be a table-like PC that multiple users could collaborate on together. It may have taken them a little while, but Microsoft’s designers eventually figured out this wasn’t the best idea. With that realization the Surface was re-imagined into the recently released tablet PCs known as the Surface RT and Surface Pro, but the concept of a huge, touch-sensitive tablet-like device didn’t die. In fact, Bill Gates recently showed off the massive collaboration screen lives on at Perceptive Pixel.When Microsoft acquired Perceptive Pixel, manufacturers of a massive touch screen, it was assumed that the company was planning something exciting. During the Windows 8 product announcement, Microsoft showed off exactly what the company had in mind: an 82-inch Perceptive Pixel display attached to a powerful Windows 8 machine. The system, basically a huge tablet, is a gigantic realization of the touch-friendly world Microsoft has finally stepped into with Windows 8 and their Modern UI.Perceptive Pixel currently has a 55-inch model as well at the 82-inch model, both which feature a Gorilla Glass screen and are supposedly capable of detecting an unlimited number of touches. The latency on a Perceptive Pixel display is so low that using one with Windows 8 has been described as feeling like you are actually touching the tiles on the Start page. Naturally, you’d expect Bill Gates to have one of these lying around.During his recent Reddit AMA, Gates decided to show off how he was answering questions so fast after several participants showed surprise at his level of engagement. Gates stood just beside the massive glass display with the comment he was writing that would include the link to the photo, on order to show that it was really him.One of the major features in the Perceptive Pixel display is the Active Stylus that allows for subpixel accuracy when writing letters on the massive screen. Combine an Active Stylus with the great handwriting recognition in Windows 8, and it’s not hard to see how Gates was able to keep up with Reddit during the AMA. Gates noted during the event that he expects the price for these displays to come down over time and be pervasive, leaving many eager to try one out.Considering there’s not a single mention of pricing for the 55-inch or the 82-inch Perceptive Pixel displays on their website, it’s hard to tell what Gates meant when he said the cost would come down. It’s unlikely that we’ll be replacing our televisions with these incredible displays anytime soon, though it’s hard to imagine a geek that wouldn’t be excited by the idea of being able to walk up to a display like this and have some fun.last_img read more