Robotic Pet Sitter Feeds Plays With Your Pooch

first_img If dogs are a man’s best friend, what is a dog’s best friend?Los Angeles startup Anthouse hopes its roving robot ticks that box.Every day, millions of humans abandon their furry friends for hours at a time, left alone to fend for themselves. But what if someone—or something—could entertain your pup during long days at the office or on vacation?The Anthouse Pet Companion Robot aims to “change the way owners and their pets interact.”The smart, app-controlled machine allows folks to catch up with their at-home animals from anywhere in the world (as long as it has a cellular or Wi-Fi connection).Remotely dispense treats, record video, and snap photos using the companion application, available for Android and iOS.Dog’s best friend? (via Anthouse)Set the cyborg to different speeds (from slow/turtle to fast/rabbit) to keep your canine moving. Owners can even play fetch from afar with a tennis ball launcher, which throws pitches up to 26 feet. Train Buddy to return the ball to the robot, and your dog can have two-and-a-half to five hours of nonstop fun.But, just like you, the Anthouse Pet Companion needs an occasional break: When the robot’s battery gets low, it automatically retires to its wireless charging station for a reboot.A built-in speaker, meanwhile, lets you chat with Fido; just don’t expect anything more than a confused look and a whimper.Early bird animal lovers can pre-order the automated pet sitter for a steeply discounted cost of $299. Available in white or yellow, the 13-pound nanny is expected for global delivery in December.Even a $100 price cut, however, has so far not been enough to push Anthouse over the halfway crowdfunding mark. With 22 days left in its first Kickstarter campaign, the firm is struggling to reach its $50,000 all-or-nothing goal.Cesar Millan and Audible recently launched their own take on combating doggy depression: Audible for Dogs—a rotating selection of titles that provide peace of mind for man and best friend when leaving your four-legged mate home alone.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Robot Dog Astro Can Sit, Lie Down, and Save LivesFlorida Man Pries Alligator’s Jaws Open to Rescue Dog, Gets Bitten Stay on targetlast_img read more